Patrick Pang

Home Cooked Wanton Noodles


I’m not an expert in cooking but once in awhile, I would suggest to my parents some dinner ideas and will help them in the kitchen. On the second day of New Year day, we decided to have wanton noodles for dinner.

They got the ingredients and for me, I will prepare the wantons. Slowly and surely, I made about 60 wantons.

Prepare Wantons


It may seem to be an easy dish but its also an experiment for us since we have not cooked wanton noodles before. Its pretty interesting to see how we got everything today and getting positive reviews from the children. Cooking can be a great bonding session, we chatted, laughed and joked (my mum has always been a very serious person).

A bowl of Wanton Noodles


So now I’m wondering, what should we¬†cook next?