Patrick Pang

Its an eggy business, egg-venture


We spent our Good Friday at Sentosa for an Egg-Venture. So we started our day with a family selfie.

Family Selfie


The event marks the start of Easter celebrations at Sentosa and the surrounding Mount Faber and Harbourfront cluster. One of the events includes hunting down the giant eggs which are placed across the island and Harbourfront.

Evan with the Giant Egg
But probably the children’s favourite activity was egg painting. Each of them managed to try painting the eggs and were pretty proud of their product. The Easter activities are still on and will end on 11 May 2014. You can visit the website to find out more details.

Ethan's egg painting


Ufamily Mega Dance


We attended the Ufamily Mega Dance last year at Resorts World Sentosa and the kids didn’t quite enjoy it as it was just dance and they did not have the energy to dance throughout the night. This year, we were happy to be invited by Ufamily again to attend the event. This year, I thought the location at Azzura was a change and so we decided to attend again.

Ethan and Evan

Other than having the dance area, the children also got to swim and there were quite a number of fringe activities as well. For example, we got to take a family photo using the props provided.

Our family photo

Overall, I thought the event was fun for the kids but it will be more interesting if the organisers can incorporate some kiddy songs to get the children in the mood to dance.



In Twitterverse, we get to experience many different types of campaigns and we see many hashtags each day. #throwbackthursday is probably one of those that has been going on for quite awhile but its something that I’m only starting to do. In fact, this is the second week which I’m doing.

This week, I selected a picture which was taken 2 years ago, a family picture that was taken at Sentosa during the Chinese New Year Flower Festival. The picture itself brought back some memories – when Evan was still being carried in our arms, Ezanne who was still not so independent then and Ethan, who was still in pre-school.

Family photo taken at Sentosa Island

Well, Sentosa Island got inspired to do a #throwbackthursday too and posted a nostalgic photo.

Sentosa #throwbackthursday

Kidz Flea at Sentosa


We were offered to setup a

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stall at Sentosa Kidz Flea event. Kidz Flea is where ‘Playtrepreneurs’, aged between 7 and 12 and accompanied by an adult, will put on their business suit apron, set up their booths and learn the ropes of selling while having some good playtime on the island. For us, this event was a family thing.

Just weeks before the event, Ethan attended a crash course of being a Playtrepreneurs and was taught some of the skills in setting up his business and engaging customers.

Ethan at the crash course

Back home, mummy was busy working on the items that Ethan will be selling. She did some research and decided that we should sell customize bookmarks.

On the actual day itself, mummy proudly displayed all 130 bookmarks which she had done and they are ready for sale.

Ethan and Ezanne selling the bookmarks

The children were quite shy when we asked them to start selling the items. We had to constantly encourage to do it and mummy brought them along and slowly, they were beginning to sell the items. It was a good experience for the children as they were given an opportunity to build their confidence and social skills. This event was extremely meaningful when we explained to the children that this event was actually part of a charity drive for the Hospice Care Association (HCA). Its one of way of teaching the children in giving back to the community.

In conclusion, this event was a resounding success for us! We will like thank our family and friends who supported us. Thank you.

Sentosa Flowers…


Our 3rd day of Chinese New Year was

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spent on visiting our relatives and the Sentosa Flowers at Palawan Beach. As far as I can remember, this is probably the first time Sentosa is having the annual flowers display at the beach and charging for viewing it. Previously, this event was held at Imbiah Lookout and there isn’t any admission charges.

I thought it was rather nice for the event organizers to block off a big area for the event since there will be more displays and more space for people to walk around.

Flowers Display

As we walk around, I realised that probably there could be more flowers model display although I observed there were lots of flowers around and the organizers made effort to beautify the Palawan Beach vicinity with Chinese New Year flowers.


And what I like was the sand sculpture and thought probably the organizer could have tap on the sand and have more sand sculpture. I enjoyed the snake sand sculpture.

Snake Sand Sculpture

After this, I will be looking forward to next year Sentosa Flowers.

Happy 1st Birthday Sentosa TV


Sentosa TV celebrated its first birthday recently and TV Man and his colleagues  were kind enough to send us a birthday surprise. Sentosa TV is Sentosa’s official YouTube Channel where they share the latest TV commercials and happenings on the island.

We met TV Man and the team at a location.

TV Man with Ezanne and Me

TV Man gave us a birthday cake and a party pack and the children were so excited. Once again, Happy Birthday Sentosa TV.

Ethan and Ezanne

Playcation at Sentosa


Its the year end holiday season and this year and instead of a Staycation, Sentosa presents, Sentosa Playcation 2012.

In partnership with PlayMobil, Sentosa wants us to bond with us family through PlayMobil themed activities. At Palawan Beach (just beside Port of Lost Wonder), there are larger than life size PlayMobil figurines which the children gets excited about. There is a fireman, knight and not forgetting, Santa.

Other than the figurines, there is a PlayMobil Play Pit where the children get to play with PlayMobil products for free. I thought its a good marketing strategy as it is one way of getting parents convinced to buy their products and so the PlayMobil Bazaar was located just right next to it.

The events are not just limited to Palawan Beach. At the Merlion Park, there is a Christmas tree which is made up of the PlayMobil figurines. With the lights in the evening, I personally feel that it complemented well with the Merlion.

Playcation at Sentosa is happening from now to 30 December 2012 and admission is free. For more information, you can visit Sentosa website for details.

Celebrating 40 years of family fun on Sentosa Island


Sentosa turns 40 this year and on 1 September 2012, the island had a mega celebration turning it into a party town for the young, old, single and the family. One of the key highlight of the day was the ice slide, the first in Asia.

Ethan was definitely having fun while Ezanne preferred to watch his brother playing with the slide. As for Evan, he was too young for it. After the ice slide, the children went for a clay making session. The weather was quite warm and they were pretty exhausted.

After clay making, we move on to the Beach Station where there were quite a number of sand sculptures commemorating several icons of Sentosa history. My favourite was of course the Monorail. I still remembered those days when we just traveled around the island via the monorail and it never gets bored and we just go round and round. What’s your memories of Sentosa? You may visit Sentosa 40 Years website for the highlights of the celebration.

Ethan turns SIX – Part 3


The finale of Ethan’s birthday was a staycation at Resorts World Sentosa as well as a tour of Sentosa

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Island. After checking in, we brought them around Sentosa Island to explore and the first stop was Cable Car Station. Ethan and Ezanne were so excited when they see Angry Birds!

The cable car ride was approximately 15 minutes. After the cable car ride, I thought it was good for them to learn alittle on Singapore’s history and brought them to Images of Singapore. Evan slept throughout the entire visit while Ezanne covering her face and Ethan, who told me almost at the end of the visit that he was actually quite scared of those wax figurines.

While we were on our way for dinner, the children stopped for a photo.

It is also during the day when I observed that Ezanne is beginning to enjoy taking photos.

After dinner, the cake was delivered by the hotel.

The next morning we brought them to Siloso Beach and Underwater World. Personally, I enjoyed the time at Siloso Beach as we were all playing sand together which we seldom have the

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chance to. As the children continue to grow, I’m sure there are many exciting activities ahead of us.

Ethan’s birthday celebration at USS (Part 1)


Although we have been to Universals Studios Singapore’s After Hours but frankly speaking, we’ve not toured the entire theme park before. Look, our visit to the theme park had a gloomy start initial as it was raining heavily and we even have to get poncho for ourselves.

Eventually, when we got into USS, the rain finally stopped and we started our magical journey. As usual, we started to take pictures with the different cartoon characters. First was Woody Woodpecker and next was Po from Kunfu Panda.

Luckily the queue ain’t that long it was about 15 minutes wait before its our turn to take photos with the characters. Since the children were hungry, we stop by at Mel’s Drive in for lunch.

After lunch, just before we went for our first ride, wifey spotted Shrek and we took the opportunity to have a photo taken with Shrek and Fiona. I will say, this is our best picture for this entire visit.