Patrick Pang

Look! Its a plane!


Do you remember the so-called winning shot from Nikon Photo Competition?

Somehow, I got inspired to photoshop take something similar and whenever I get the opportunity, I’ll try to take a photo of a plane and something else. Once in awhile, I will browse through the past photos which I’ve uploaded on my Instagram and found out that I actually took quite a number of these photos (about 3 this year).┬áThe photos were taken using an iPhone, the first two was taken from an iPhone 6 Plus while the third was taken from an iPhone 7 Plus (I’m not trying to advertise for Apple).

Look Up

Look Up

Look Up
So what do you think? Should I continue to take such shots in 2017 or maybe I should move on.

The new iPhone 7 Plus


Its been about 3 weeks since I own a iPhone 7 Plus and so far, I’ve got to admit that the photo quality has improved as compared to my iPhone 6 Plus. After a conversation with my cousin, who promptly told me that I will not be able to appreciate the colour of the casing, I decided to stick to the Gold version.

iPhone 7 Plus


After getting the phone, I was trying to find opportunities to use the camera in dark areas. As I entered Stadium Station the next day, I decided to try taking a shot. The picture was below was uploaded on my Instagram and I had used filters and applied some effects to it. Personally, I thought the image turns out quite well (in terms of quality).

Stadium Station


Then there was a night when I decided to try taking a shot at 4am. I wouldn’t say that the place was pitch dark as the lights on the lamp posts were still on. But if I was to take the same shot using the iPhone 6 Plus, I’m quite confident that it will be quite grainy.

Photo taken at 4am


Conclusion? So far, I enjoy using the iPhone 7 Plus and has no complains of it. I just hope that Portrait option will be made available soon.