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Look! Its a plane!


Do you remember the so-called winning shot from Nikon Photo Competition?

Somehow, I got inspired to photoshop take something similar and whenever I get the opportunity, I’ll try to take a photo of a plane and something else. Once in awhile, I will browse through the past photos which I’ve uploaded on my Instagram and found out that I actually took quite a number of these photos (about 3 this year). The photos were taken using an iPhone, the first two was taken from an iPhone 6 Plus while the third was taken from an iPhone 7 Plus (I’m not trying to advertise for Apple).

Look Up

Look Up

Look Up
So what do you think? Should I continue to take such shots in 2017 or maybe I should move on.

The action series… Of the children


We have shifted to our new place and we have got more walls and more space to play with. One day, on the bed, Evan was covering his ears after he found it difficult to sleep as he feels that the environment was rather noisy. I took a photo of him and after that, looking at him, I feel that instead of the usual group photos and smiley ones, I am beginning to see the other side of my children and decided to move on to take more of it.

Evan covering his ears


The next picture which I took was for Ezanne. This picture was taken when Ezanne with some toys and decided to put together some of the “fences” and made it into a hat and wore it. Somehow, I feel such moments were difficult to capture but rather satisfying after seeing the pictures.

Ezanne being creative


The last was Ethan. He always enjoyed his weekly Wushu class in school and I asked him, show me something that you’ve learnt. This was what he showed me.

Ethan doing his wushu stunt

My first Time Lapse video


Recently, a friend was showing me a time lapse video and I was like “Wow, that’s so cool, which app did you use to record.?” His reply was “I used my iPhone.” Sometimes the more functionalities a phone have, the chances of missing out the extra functionalities our phones have becomes higher.

A few days ago, I was home and had the chance to record a short time lapse video. That was the time when it was just about to rain heavily and the dark clouds were coming.

It’s going to rain soon. Dark clouds are coming. #Singapore #instasg #sgig

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My iPhone 6 Plus


I’ve been using my iPhone 6 Plus for about 2 weeks and I’m still in the stage of adjusting. I’m still adjusting to the size of the phone and how big the fonts are. Somehow, I don’t quite feel secured because the font size are so big that the people around me can easily see what I’m messaging. I can no longer use one hand to take a selfie or do my texting because because while I can carry it with one hand, somehow, it just doesn’t allow me to do other task.

But other than being huge, what I like most will be the camera. Take alook at the night shot that I’ve taken.

Night shot taken from iPhone 6 Plus

But before I continue to enjoy the company of my iPhone 6 Plus, here’s a little tribute to my iPhone 5 which has served me well for the past 2 years.

Tribute to my iPhone 5