Patrick Pang

Wall Murals at HDB flats


I remembered when I was young, the void decks of the HDB flats were filled with interesting wall murals. For awhile, they were gone and over the last few years, it seems, they were back once again. Whenever I see an interesting wall mural, I would stop and take a photo with it. After all, these beautiful wall murals are worth giving a shoutout and get more people to appreciate it.

Some of these wall murals brings back memories such as the Sharity Elephant and Singa which I saw. While the others, add colours to our neighbourhood and make it a more interesting one to live in.

Wall Mural

Like the one below had the places of interest of the different countries painted and had captions below to explain. What is more important is that people appreciate it and take good care of it (hopefully, no one vandalises them).

Wall Mural


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HDB Architecture – Uniquely Singapore


More than 85% of Singaporeans live in public housing and wherever we go, we will see blocks of HDB flats. We call it our neighbourhood, our precinct, our cluster whichever way you call it, I will say that most of us are pretty proud of where we stay. The designs of HDB flats have evolved over the years and over the past months, I’ve been to different parts of Singapore (my work brings me there) and took some photos of how the HDB flats look like.

I like this block of flats in Yishun. Lonely but standing tall. The older flats in Singapore has a long stretch of void deck at almost every floor. I like this concept because you can always say “Hi” to your neighbours and you can feel the warmth, kampong spirit and close neighbourliness relationship.

Flats in Yishun

Next its in Punggol. In Punggol, flats are built in clusters. Each cluster will have a rooftop garden linked to the blocks and depending on the design, if you are lucky, you will have direct linkages to the carpark. Rows of void decks are no longer part of the facade and what you see are the different units.

Flats in Punggol - Punggol Specta

Lastly, its Pinnacle of Duxton and probably it brought the standard of design of HDB flats to its pinnacle (as the name suggests). They stand tall and modern blending in well with the surrounding buildings (the office towers and condominiums). These blocks of flats are so much taller than the existing ones (sending a secret message to all that they are the leader of all HDB flats).

Pinnacle @ Duxton


Having seen the different designs of the flats, I can only say that its evolving fast to keep up with times, aspirations and developments surrounding it.

Transforming a bin into a creative art piece


HDB recently organized Bin Art Fest @ Punggol where residents were invited to participate to paint and decorate bins. We see the bins everywhere but in fact, we can decorate these bins into creative art pieces. One of my Twitter friends @justbeingarlyn came and participated and many of my fellow neighbours came and participated too.

@justbeingarlyn with her daughters

My friend Sharon painting the bin

I feel that this is a meaningful event as it gets everyone in the community to be involved in the shaping of our precinct. The shaping of the precinct not only includes providing feedback on improvement, but to little things such as designing the bins to create and add colours to our living environment. Moving forward, I do hope that we will be able to organize more of such activities and have more people coming forward to participate.

A community art project, Punggol Gardens, Go Green!


I’ve been volunteering for quite a while now and I realised that there are many things that the community can do. In fact, there are many hidden talents that ought to be given a chance to showcase themselves. In March, I began working on an eco-art project with HDB. This project is about creating an eco-art sculpture using recycled materials contributed by the community.

On 29 April, a workshop was conducted and people started contributing their recycled items. I remembered there was an aunty who came and was passionate about designing the items. Then, there were children who enjoyed spray painting. I thought, this is the type of community spirit where everyone come together to work on a common project to bond together. Even the name of the sculpture, Punggol Gardens, Go Green! was selected by the people. During my speech, I shared that this is just the first step forward and I hope that more people can come forward in contributing ideas for their community.

The eco-art sculpture was finally launched yesterday and its permanent home is at the car porch at Blk 171A, Punggol Field Road. I’m proud of this project, not because I was part of the project team behind it

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but because its one which the community can call their own and be proud of.

Community Involvement. Community Project.


Being a volunteer for the community, I’m always looking at organizing activities for the community, one that the people can be part of it and one that people can be proud of their participation. While there are many activities out there that we can organize, its not easy organizing one that suits everyone.

While the search continues, I’m glad that I found one, the HDB Heartland Project. This project is about collecting recyclable materials from the residents, beautify them by spray painting and eventually, it will be transformed into a sculpture. Sounds impossible, but its actually quite possible and I’m looking forward to the unveiling of the sculpture. It was heartening to see people coming to contribute the items and stay on to do the spray painting. I hope that when they see the sculpture, this will be something that they can be proud of.

Toa Payoh – Familiar and unfamiliar


Toa Payoh, a town located in Central Singapore is so familiar yet so unfamiliar to me. Ever since I’ve shifted my office, I’ve travelled to Toa Payoh more than usual. Previously, the only time or times that I travel to Toa Payoh was to HDB. These days, I travel to Toa Payoh for lunch, for course or even to visit the office of SPH.

Frankly speaking, I don’t really like to go Toa Payoh (Just one pointer to add, I actually almost bought a flat in the town, but somehow or rather, I didn’t get picked to select a flat there). One very good reason is because no matter how many times I travel to the town, I will still get lost. I don’t know why, but the town itself seems so complicated to me. It was through my friends and colleagues that I realised that there are so many good food in Toa Payoh but I guess I’m getting confused to the Lorongs! In case you are wondering what is Lorongs, well, it means street. So there is Lorong 1,2,3,4,5,6 and so on in Toa Payoh. I could remember so clearly that Lorong 3 is just a street between Lorong 2 and 4. Depending on where you are, turn left (lorong 2), turn right (lorong 4).

So will I continue to explore Toa Payoh? Yes and No. Yes if someone can tell me where the good food are and No, if I’m travelling alone.

Will our kids be able to own a flat in the future?


This question suddenly pop up on my mind after I read a rather unbelievable Straits Times article. The article reported that there are cheap flats still available in Singapore, but most were in Jurong and Woodlands area. Even though that, it claimed that flats below $200k are still available in the market, and comfortable enough for you to buy a new 3-rooms flat in Punggol under BTO scheme.

3 years ago, I remembered a 4-rooms flat cost just below $200k and my 5-rooms flat cost me around $250k. Today, with the same pricing, you can only get a 3-rooms or 4-rooms. How high the prices will go in the future? It just seems HDB flats are no longer affordable for young couples. I’m glad that I’ve got mine when the price was really affordable, but for Ethan and Ezanne, I’m not too sure if it will be for them.