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Strike A Pose


Being the youngest probably has its merit. Evan is probably the cheekiest among the 3 and loves taking photos. Brought the children to East Coast Park one day. We sat down and immediately thought about taking a picture together. Unfortunately, Ethan and Ezanne were not interested so they became the photographer.

We co-ordinated abit and here you go, a photo of Evan and me.

Strike a pose


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Sunday at East Coast Park


Visiting East Coast Park on a Sunday can be quite a terror joy. It can get quite crowded but its only when there are people you get to see some interesting stuff. We got ourselves a family bicycle which the 5 of us took to travel from Marine Cove to Bedok Jetty and back. We had some fun cycling, chatting and catching Pokemons.

Children saying HELLO

As we moved on, we came across a beach wedding. The children were wow-ed by what they see because they’ve not attended one before and it was the first time they witnessed one.


As we return back to the bicycle rental shop, we saw a group of people congregating. We walked up and saw a bubble show.

Bubbles everywhere

We spent about close to 3 hours at the park and the children said they will be back!

We had fun cycling!


It was a public holiday and we managed to bring the children out for an impromptu cycling trip. The calendar was empty and so we headed to East Coast Park (ECP) and from the smiles on the faces of Ethan, Ezanne and Evan, we were quite sure that they were looking forward to it.

Family Cycling Trip

We rented the bicycles from a bicycle shop at Marine Parade Central and went over to ECP via the underpass. Ethan rode the bicycle with me, Ezanne was pretty much on her own and Evan was “escorted” by mummy. In the end, Ethan and myself decided to go ahead without the 3 of them and we went all the way to Bedok Jetty. It was the first time that I brought Ethan to Bedok Jetty and the sunset was beautiful. He was amazed seeing people cycling and fishing there.


They enjoyed themselves and had been talking about it when we went grocery shopping. After this cycling experience, they had been asking for it and we will be back again soon!



I went for a jog last week and captured this shot. There was clear blue sky and the reflection which I see got me thinking deeper into things. Sometimes things are moving so quickly in life that we do not even take time to reflect. It is only when we get into a certain situation then we slow things down to reflect what was done previously and whether if we need to change or improve. As I reflect, there are both satisfaction and regrets.

Many things happened over the past few months and I hope I can see the clear blue sky again.


Exploring a new running route


I’ve been diligently running for more than a year now and is always looking out for new running routes. I’m not someone who will run on the threadmill because I don’t feel motivated doing so. I prefer running outdoor, seeing new things, exploring new places and I take it as a form of endurance training as different places will mean different terrain and running at different time will mean having to acclimatise the body to a different form of temperature.

Recently, I found out that the East Coast Park is finally connected to Gardens By the Bay East. I was running at about 11-ish in the morning and I’ve got to admit that the stretch near the MCE tunnel entrance was the most challenging one as there isn’t any shade at all. But once I’ve ran past the stretch, it was quite a motivating route as its complemented by the beautiful scenery.

With the opening of this connection, it seems like the stretch from Fort Road onwards is quite crowded now as it means that there is now a seamless link to the Marina Barrage and Gardens By The Bay. I will definitely want to try running to Gardens By The Bay one day.

Marina Bay Sands and Singapore Flyer behind me

Accidental visit to East Coast


It was meant to be just a Sunday morning, having breakfast with the children and fetching their grandparents from the market. But since there was extra time, we decided to bring them to East Coast Park. The beach near the lagoon and food centre has a Sand Castle section where people build different types and sizes of sand castle, so I thought it will be a great place to bring Ethan to.

Well, the first thing that Ethan said when he saw it was ,”Wow, so nice”. While many were destroyed by some of the beach goers, there were still some that were quite intact. Ethan was so fascinated with all the sand castles that he told me he wants to go back and pack his stuff and rush back to the beach. My answer to him was, “Next time…”

The E’s cycling at East Coast Park


Since I was on leave on Thursday, I decided to bring Ethan and Ezanne to East Coast Park to cycle. As far as I remember, Ethan has never been to East Coast Park cause we simply hate the weekend crowd and jam there and always had difficulty finding time to bring him there.

Ethan was really excited when I told him about this cycling trip and had been asking me everyday when exactly we are going and so when the day came, you can see from his face that he was eagerly waiting for it to happen. As for Ezanne, she is a follower for now. So before we set off, I told Ethan to take a picture with the bicycles.

The weather was fantastic when we arrived at East Coast Park. It wasn’t crowded at all and personally I thought, it was a perfect time for the children to cycle. Ethan cycled himself while for Ezanne, she needed some “pushing”help. Both of them enjoyed themselves very much, Ethan kept smiling and Ezanne was so happy that she made lots of noises. Ezanne was curious of the surroundings and kept observing the things around her.

Along the way, we stopped for family photoshoot. Unfortunately, we were not able to take a family photo but nevertheless, daddy and mummy still managed to take some pictures with the kids. The both of them also started posing when they saw the camera.

It was definitely an enjoyable for the 4 of us and Ethan has already made a request to return soon for another cycling session.

East Coast Park


Eversince I’ve gotten my DSLR, I’ve always wanted to find a day, walk around somewhere and take some really nice and good photos. Then when i bought my camera, I thought everything will turn out really well, like taking close up shots, then 1 day, I realised that I was actually wrong, I need to buy new lens for those extra close up shots. Anyway, I thought my photography skills is still amatuer at this stage and there’s still so much more room for improvement.

Anyway, talking about finding a day to walk around and take pictures, I’ve finally found that day, which is SATURDAY! I was supposed to meet my classmates for a short gathering at East Coast Lagoon Food Centre so I purposely arrive about 1 hour earlier (supposedly to be 2 hours, but I overslept) to go around East Coast to take pictures. What I can say is that alot has changed at East Coast, there is now an Xtreme Skate Park which was really impressive. I’ve seen kids as young as 5 to 6 years old doing skateboard stunts and rollerblading within the skate park, then there was a sandcastle workshop which was conducted by a company who had an office on the beach itself. Finally, there was the jet ski lagoon which looks interesting too.

East Coast Park East Coast Park

Just before I met up with my friends, I took sometime on the beach and did something really special for my wife. She was not with me, but I thought, she should be touched by looking at the picture! It’s dedicated for you, my wife, Jingyi.

Dedication to Jingyi

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