Patrick Pang

The Art & Science of Gems


Last week, we were invited to a blogger event at Art Science Museum, The Art & Science of Gems. In this exhibition, the adult will have the opportunity to admire the jewellery and the children will learn about the formation of minerals and gemstones.

We were lucky enough to catch the “A Day in the Life of a Mineralogist” workshop. At the workshop, the children were told how gem stones were formed and the different characteristics of the gem stones. They were able to feel and hold the different gem stones too.

Ezanne holding on to a gem stone


Evan was actually the most enthusiastic one. He readily raised his hand when the coordinator asked for a volunteer to examine the mineral and its properties. I’m not sure if he understood what was going on but I think it was a good experience for him. I got applaud the coordinator for being so patient with Evan and trying her best to simplify the explanations so that a 6-year-old understand what she was saying.

Evan exploring the mineral and its properties


There is one more session of the workshop and its happening on 24 June at 4.30pm. You will have to register 15 minutes before the workshop begins.

If you missed the workshop, you can still visit the exhibition which is held at the Art Science Museum till 14 August. You can also find out more information of the exhibition at its website.

The Art of the Brick Exhibition at Art Science Museum


Its Evan’s first visit to a museum and The Art of the Brick Exhibition at the Art Science Museum proved to be one that he enjoyed. The exhibition by New York-based artist Nathan Sawaya amazed the children with the interesting lego art work that he had created.

Ethan with the thinker

Ezanne with the Apples

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viewing the exhibits, the children got a chance to play with the lego bricks too. They tried to create 3D rain drops using the available lego bricks.

The children trying to create rain drops using lego bricks

I like this exhibition because I thought other than viewing, the children were able to learn through play. For each exhibits, there was a caption which tells you the story behind the project, the year it was completed and how many legos were used. I got Ethan to read them. There were different zones where different effects were used such as shadows, smoke etc.

The exhibition is now on at the Art Science Museum till 14 April 2013.

Titanic – The Artifact Exhibition


It was our first visit to the Art Science Museum and our very first exhibition that we visited was Titanic – The Artifact Exhibition. It was an exhibition that wifey looked forward to very much and it was the first time that Ethan and Ezanne stepped into a museum. As it was the 2nd last day of the exhibition, there were long queues when we were queuing to purchase tickets and were told that we will need to wait approximately 2 hours before we can view the exhibits.

Photography was not allowed in the gallery so I don’t think I will post anything here about the artifacts. It was a very structured exhibition as were brought to the different parts of the ship. From the construction to the different classes of cabin and the restaurants, everything that we see were unbelievable. Ethan was amazed with the things that they could find and he was full of questions.

There was a section of the exhibition that document how the ship hit onto the ice berg and there was a big piece of ice for visitors to feel how cold it was. Ethan tried and said, “Its simply too cold.”

At the end of the exhibition, wifey enjoyed it, Ethan somehow understood what the exhibition was and Ezanne should have a good experience. I hope to bring them to visit the museum again soon.

It’s Mom’s Birthday


Finally, this is one year that I remembers my Mom’s birthday and at least I’ve thought of something to celebrate this special occasion with her. So what did we do? My brother got my mom the cake while I brought her around to Marina Bay Sands and of course, when you are there, we just got to visit the skypark.

Just before we left to Marina Bay Sands, we did the usual – sing the birthday song and get the children to blow the candles. This is the first year that Ezanne begins to understand what is happening around her and in her usual style, she will try to imitate things that her brother does. In this case, it was blowing the cake. Just look at how much they enjoy themselves.

Since parking is so expensive at Marina Bay Sands, I’ve decided to park my car at Singapore Flyer and take a walk to the IR. We pass by the Double Helix Bridge (its the first time my parents and Ezanne walk the bridge) and Ezanne was just curious of the things around the bridge.

Then we pass by the Art Science Museum which the workers are working on intensively. I always thought this is one of the architecture marvel.

Then it was a walk within the Shoppes and since F1 was just over, there was a F1 car for shoppers to take photo with.

I actually wanted Ethan to experience the Sampan, but we gave up queuing since it was super long queue. The queue was equally long too at the ticketing booth to the Skypark but I thought, it is a must visit since we are already there and in fact, my first 3 visits were never with my family. While queuing, I looked up and this was what I see. Beautiful!

At the 57th floor, the view was fantastic. Like what I mentioned on my Twitter, I’ve brought 3 groups of friends up the skypark and each time, they will have the same comments, “Wow, its beautiful. Impressive!”

So what’s the feeling like having the world below your feet? Well, the kids were equally curious as well.

When you visit the Skypark, you will have to visit the Infinity Pool as well.

The day ended with dinner at Singapore Flyer. Though tiring, but I’ve enjoyed myself very much.