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Starhub iPhone Update

STARHUB UPDATE (AS OF 16 April 2011)

Starhub is offering 12gb bundled data for SmartSurf 100 to SmartSurf 700 plan and has capped data usage bill at $30. You can visit Starhub website for more details on the plans and price plans for the respective iPhone.

You do not need to change or upgrade your existing mobile plan to purchase iPhone (information updated by ksgoh)

Having surf the various forums and having read several contradicting comments, here are some confirmed details for your iPhone purchase from Starhub.
– All vouchers will be valid even after 10 Dec (source: Starhub Facebook Fanpage)
– Customers who sign up for delivery of iPhone to their home will receive a pouch, cover and screen protector
– It takes 3 working days to activate your Smartsurf plan (according to some customers, their plan was activated immediately when they approached Starhub staff at the Customer Service Centre).
– You can log on to Starhub website and log in to your account using your Hub ID to check if your plan has been converted.
– There will be no issuance of re-contract vouchers and will have to pay additional $300 if you want to recontract after 12 months. The minimum term is 21 months.
– You will have to pay additional $300 if your existing contract is between 4 months to 12 months.
– iPhone customers will be able to view Starhub Mobile TV which has 20 channels currently from now till 31 March 2010.

If you have any queries on your iPhone reservation, other than calling 1633 or 1630, you can visit Starhub Facebook fanpage or DM your particulars and question to them via Twitter.

You can also join in discussion with other iPhone owners at Hardwarezone.

1. Tap on the Safari App
2. Go to Bookmark
3. Choose Starhub Gee to access

By default, if you have purchased your iPhone from Starhub, the MMS settings would have already been configured. In case if you are still experiencing problem you can simply type S <Phone Model> and send the SMS to 2000.

You will need to send a MMS to yourself to activate the service.

You can either go to our Network Settings, Off and On the 3G function. If it fails, you will have to restart your phone.

For iPhone 4, the MMS settings are pre-configured. To enable sending/receiving of MMS, please follow the steps below.

Go to Settings > Messages > MMS Messaging > ON

If you know of anymore information or details which is not listed here, do share with us by leaving a comment.

29 Responses to Starhub iPhone Update

  1. iphone 3gs, how do i noe if my iphone mms is alredy setup, my data plan is already activated??

    what should i send as phone model to 2000

  2. Hi Terasey, you will know your MMS is setup when you are able to receive the picture. If its not, a SMS will be sent to you with the retrieval URL. As for your data plan, you can check via Starhub website. You will need to log in using your hub ID.

    For the phone model, you can send as iPhone3GS. However, if you’ve purchase the phone from Starhub, your MMS settings would have already been configured.

  3. hi Patrick,

    i’ve posted in HWZ but havent got a reply yet. I’ve gotten the SH iphone3gs and may i know why is there no Cellular Data Network settings in this phone?

    Any other ways to turn of edge? TIA :)

  4. Hi frizee, once you select Starhub network, its all setup for you.

  5. Interesting, I`ll quote it on my site later.

  6. @frizee Just curious, why would you want to turn off EDGE?

  7. Do i still need to wait? as my contract end this month 24th.

  8. Hey Jack, depending on what plan you are with Starhub, you can request for voucher for your iPhone purchase.

  9. My 1 on CIS plan. How can i request the voucher?
    Anyway Thanks for the reply.

  10. Someone from StarHub just call me. He tell me i can’t use any voucher on iphone plan when i request him to give me voucher?

  11. I do tell him in the facebook fan page is mention can be use, he say sorry about that iphone already being subsidy so you can’t used voucher. What show i do now? Act like others bang table again… hehe.

  12. Cannot be. Because I also use vouchers for my purchase. I presume you can DM your details to Starhub via Twitter and let them know about it. They will most probably deliver the phone to you and surely, vouchers can be used then.

  13. Hi Patrick, how you get your voucher? Deliver the phone? you mean send to my home address. Thanks for the info anyway.

  14. I called them to request and yes, they are able to send the phone to your home address.

  15. hey Patrick!
    do u have any idea like “how much deposit do the foreign students pay to get IPhone?

  16. Hi Venky, apologies I do not have any idea. I presume it should be the same as existing mobile plans. However, for better clarity, you might want to check with Starhub via 1633 or DM your question to them via Twitter.

  17. @Patrick

    It (the mms thingy) wasnt automatically set up for me though, restarted twice before I got it to work.

    Hi, gotta turn of EDGE because im powervalue 100, not on any smartsurf plan so there’s no free 12gb to use.

    Btw, does anyone if the LIVE TV is entitled to only smartsurf plan or those on powervalue (that’s me) can enjoy the LIVE TV too?

  18. Hey Frizee, so what did you do before you restarted your phone? Or you just restarted it and it worked?

  19. Yeah, i merely restarted it and it worked the 2nd time :)

    Btw, does anyone know if the free LIVE TV is entitled to only smartsurf plan or is it available to those on powervalue (that’s me) too?

  20. as long as you has a iphone you are entitled… you will know it when you go into LIVE TV page and you will see all the channels indicated as free…

  21. To all our readers out there, we’ve just update one point for MMS. You will need to send a MMS to yourself to activate your MMS in your iPhone.

  22. Great post! I recieved alot of money for christmas and I believe I want to get this. Your wrote a great post, absolutely the best I have seen so far. I will be awaiting to your next blog post. thanks again.

  23. Hi Patrick, can I ask where is the nearest service centre, from woodlands, to send my iPhone for repair? I just bought it on last Christmas from Starhub.

  24. These are the service centres available in Singapore.

    1 HarbourFront Walk
    Singapore 098585
    Open 11am – 9:30pm daily

    Plaza Singapura
    68 Orchard Road
    Singapore 238839
    Open 10:30am – 9pm daily

    OUB Centre
    1 Raffles Place
    Singapore 048616
    Open 10:30am – 7:30pm
    Mon – Sat
    Closed on Sun & Public Holidays

    Tampines Mall
    4 Tampines Central 5
    Singapore 529510
    Open 10:30am – 9pm daily

    I’m afraid there isn’t one near Woodlands.

  25. Hi Patrick, What should I put as the phone model no. if mine is an iphone 4? I have purchased a sim card only plan from Starhub and received sms on MMS setup. I tried sending S Iphone4 to 2000 but the reply is “Sorry, your phone is not provisionable.” Await for your reply. Thanks.

  26. Hi Diana, we’ve checked with Starhub and the settings is as follow;
    For iPhone 4, the MMS settings are pre-configured. To enable
    sending/receiving of MMS, please follow the steps below.

    Go to Settings > Messages > MMS Messaging > ON

  27. Hi Patrick, I have the same problem as Diana. I am currently using a Starhub prepaid card on my iPhone 3Gs and have activated the MMS service by calling *110#. However, when I want to configure my phone, the message “Sorry, your phone is not provisionable.” appears. I have already checked my phone settings and the MMS Messaging service is on. I have also tried sending an MMS to myself but it could not be sent. So how can I actually activate the MMS service? Thanks.

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