Patrick Pang

Look! Its a plane!


Do you remember the so-called winning shot from Nikon Photo Competition?

Somehow, I got inspired to photoshop take something similar and whenever I get the opportunity, I’ll try to take a photo of a plane and something else. Once in awhile, I will browse through the past photos which I’ve uploaded on my Instagram and found out that I actually took quite a number of these photos (about 3 this year). The photos were taken using an iPhone, the first two was taken from an iPhone 6 Plus while the third was taken from an iPhone 7 Plus (I’m not trying to advertise for Apple).

Look Up

Look Up

Look Up
So what do you think? Should I continue to take such shots in 2017 or maybe I should move on.

Tai Cheong Bakery


I was checking my Instagram and found out that Tai Cheong actually opened an outlet in Singapore (other than the store at Takashimaya).


At this outlet at Holland Village, they also serve macaroni, toast, sandwich and rice. However, other than the tarts and beverages, the rest of the food are only served during lunch and dinner time. We went during tea time and was disappointed when they didn’t serve the main course.

We then ordered egg tarts. durian and cheese tart and coconut tart. The egg tarts were served hot while I personally feel that the coconut tart was a little too sweet.

Egg Tarts


We wanted to buy take away but were told that dine-in customers would have to join the other customers who were in another queue for take-away. There is another separate queue for dine-in customers. Tai Cheong Bakery is located at 31 Lorong Liput, Holland Village.

We are done with PRE-SCHOOL


After 7 years, we are finally saying goodbye to pre-school education. In 2017, all three children would have entered or entering formal education and its definitely an exciting journey ahead (and maybe sometime tiring).

While Ethan and Ezanne have more or less settled down, Evan will have to start adjusting to the new school regime. For Evan, here are some of the changes he can expect in 2017;

  • He will have to wake up early to make it in time for flag raising. He will not be able to wake up as and when he like (bye by 9am school time)
  • Attendance will be taken and this means he will no longer have the option not to go to school anymore when he doesn’t wish to.
  • No more aunties and teachers bringing the food to him. He will have to start buying his own food

Goodbye Pre-School


I would think that the pre-school journey is an enriching yet surprising one. This was the phase when we try to discover what our children can do, maybe sometimes be surprised by what they do and learn that education is more than just academics.

The Bakery Chef


I’m always in search for good rainbow cakes because after all, it is my favourite. I’ve tried one at Macpherson and another at Haji Lane. The search continues and this time I traveled to Jln Bukit Merah to give it a try.

The Bakery Chef has been in existence for quite awhile and it seems their specialty is their rainbow cakes. There was the chocolate and the vanilla one and its pretty obvious that my preference was the vanilla one as it was less sweet. There are limited seats within the cafe itself but if you don’t mind, outdoor seating is available too.

Personally, I feel its worth trying. The Bakery Chef is located at Blk 161 Jln Bukit Merah #01-3711.

Rainbow Cakes

Katong Chicken Curry Puff


Forget about Old Chang Kee and whenever I’m in Marine Parade and that craving for curry puff sets in, I’ll always buy from Katong Chicken Curry Puff.

Katong Chicken Curry Puff


I like the crust as it doesn’t feel oily. The curry puffs are freshly made at the stall itself. They are not stingy on the servings, there are eggs, chicken and potatoes. It is also not very spicy (at least for me).

If you are interested to try, the stall is located at Blk 84 Marine Parade Central.

Ah Tee Ko Ko Mee


I know it may be too heavy to have noodles to have breakfast but when its good, you just simply have to eat it.

Located at a quiet corner of Amoy Street Food Centre, Ah Tee Ko Ko Mee served tasty and chewy Teochew fishball noodles.

Ah Tee Ko Ko Mee


As its name suggests, other than fishballs, the noodles also comes with char view and minced pork. If you like vinegar, you can add it in yourself. Looking at the picture below, you will know that the stallholder is not stingy with the serving. The noodles are chewy and tasty.

Ah Tee Ko Ko Mee


The next time when you visit Amoy Street Food Centre, you may want to try Ah Tee Ko Ko Mee. It is located at 7 Maxwell Road, #02-131.

Ninjago Bootcamp at VivoCity


It’s the PSLE marking season and the children had 4 days off. While they were busy preparing for their year end examinations, it is also important for them to squeeze some time out to play. In preparation for a new Ninjago Ride, Legoland Malaysia organised a Ninjago Bootcamp where children will go through challenging and fun training zones structured around Strength, Focus, and Speed that will get them Ninjago-ready!

At the Focus Zone, the children will have to concentrate and do some colouring work.

Ethan at the Focus Zone


The children then moved on to the Speed Zone where they had a to fixed a ninja lego in a limited time.

Ezanne at the Speed Zone


Finally at the Strength zone, they will learn some skills from the Ninja master.

The children at the Strength Zone




Each session will take approximately 90 minutes. The bootcamp is open to the public at the outdoor area outside VivoCity and will end on 23 October.

Sunday at East Coast Park


Visiting East Coast Park on a Sunday can be quite a terror joy. It can get quite crowded but its only when there are people you get to see some interesting stuff. We got ourselves a family bicycle which the 5 of us took to travel from Marine Cove to Bedok Jetty and back. We had some fun cycling, chatting and catching Pokemons.

Children saying HELLO

As we moved on, we came across a beach wedding. The children were wow-ed by what they see because they’ve not attended one before and it was the first time they witnessed one.


As we return back to the bicycle rental shop, we saw a group of people congregating. We walked up and saw a bubble show.

Bubbles everywhere

We spent about close to 3 hours at the park and the children said they will be back!

The new iPhone 7 Plus


Its been about 3 weeks since I own a iPhone 7 Plus and so far, I’ve got to admit that the photo quality has improved as compared to my iPhone 6 Plus. After a conversation with my cousin, who promptly told me that I will not be able to appreciate the colour of the casing, I decided to stick to the Gold version.

iPhone 7 Plus


After getting the phone, I was trying to find opportunities to use the camera in dark areas. As I entered Stadium Station the next day, I decided to try taking a shot. The picture was below was uploaded on my Instagram and I had used filters and applied some effects to it. Personally, I thought the image turns out quite well (in terms of quality).

Stadium Station


Then there was a night when I decided to try taking a shot at 4am. I wouldn’t say that the place was pitch dark as the lights on the lamp posts were still on. But if I was to take the same shot using the iPhone 6 Plus, I’m quite confident that it will be quite grainy.

Photo taken at 4am


Conclusion? So far, I enjoy using the iPhone 7 Plus and has no complains of it. I just hope that Portrait option will be made available soon.

Being more involved… As a dad again.


I’ve been so involved volunteering and working during the growing up years of my children that somehow I feel I’ve missed the most important part of their life. It is something which money can’t buy and we can never turn back time to experience those moments again. It is through the many episodes that I feel its best for me to slow things down.

These days, after deciding cut down on my volunteering commitments, I was able to squeeze more time to spend with the children. While I still need to find some “me” time for myself, I would try to bring them out even when mummy is not available. The activities that we go through together definitely helps to bond us closer. For example, I would try to bring them for outdoor activities, go out for a meal and even start planning for more activities. Our trekking at Bukit Timah Hill was one of those activities which I manage to plan and I was definitely happy when I learn from the children that they enjoyed themselves.

During these activities, it is perhaps the best time for me to better understand my children and explained to them the reasons for doing certain things. We learn new things everyday and I’m learning to be a better dad each day.

The children and me