Patrick Pang

Get Real on Singapore Scam Alert


Over the past 1.5 months, I had the opportunity to work with Channel NewsAsia Get Real team on an episode on scams. It was quite interesting going behind the scene to see how the producer work on the story and how they setup the rooms for the respective interviews.

In the programme, there is a scammer, Police, psychologist, victims and cyber crime experts. The scammer explains why she wants to do it, the Police talks about the challenges and vulnerabilities of the victims, the psychologist explains the desires which leads to the weakness, the victims shared their experience and how they came to sense and realize that they have been scammed and the cyber crime experts talks about the complexities of the Internet.

This is quite an informative programme and do take some time to watch it.

Get Real

Lyon Once More


After slightly more than year, I traveled once more to Lyon, France for a working trip. As I arrived in Paris, took a 2 hours train ride and finally arrived in Part Dieu in Lyon, I no longer feel lost like I first arrived then and it was somehow a familiar place.

Nothing much has change. Our favourite Vietnamese restaurant was still there and the Carrefour was still as crowded as ever.

This had been a fruitful trip. Meeting new friends and catching up with old ones. I’ve also seen Lyon a side which I’ve not discovered previously. I’m not sure if I will ever visit Lyon again, but definitely it had been a good experience.

A gift


I received this special gift from my boss today. It was a book titled, “The Leader Who Had No Title” by Robin Sharma.

The book is about leadership, regardless of what you do, where you are, the single most important fact is that you have the power to show leadership where you are planted and play at peak in all you do. I thought its pretty meaningful since I agree with what my boss has said, “Through reading, it will help you spiritually, not in terms of religion, but improving your soul and spirit”

I give myself a month to complete this book and I hope I’ll be able to make it.



I just organized the 3rd Annual OKs BBQ and it was still a success since most of us turn up. As a tradition, most of them were late and it started at around 7pm.

ce we had not seen each other for almost a year (well, there are times when we meet up occasionally with one or two of them), it was definitely an enjoyable time catching up on the latest happenings around us. While I miss the asparagus with bacon, there were still quite a lot of food.

The children had a fun time playing around and the adults had a good time chatting. Well, what can I ask for with such great company, I just hope that this will continue on and on…

ps: This was the BBQ that I enjoyed myself very much before the situation turn for the worst within an hour after everyone left. The flu bug caught me after that.

We meet again after 8 years


After 8 years, I’ve finally met the people whom I spent 6 months with. There were 35 of us actually, but over time, guess, this is what we have left. It was nice catching up with them, getting to know what everyone were up to, though, we stayed connected through Facebook but didn’t really talk much. Its not easy to get all 35 together, but at least, some of us made it to the gathering.

Some of us stayed on, while some left for the greener pasture. Some of us were married, while some were still single or dating. Some of us were still the same in terms of size, while some grew. Nevertheless, I guess, these were the group of people who gave me one of the best memories in my life and I will cherish the friendship with them.

Photos Credit: Serene S

Happy 8 years


8 years ago, I started my first career. 8 years later, I am still surviving in my first career. 8 years ago, I met 34 guys and gals who shared the same passion as me. We stayed together for 5.5 months, we laugh, we quarrel and we cry (ok, I’m a cry baby) together and we parted ways after that. While we kept in contact initially, it has been a long long time since we last met.

8 years on, more than half of them have left and moved on to what they thought suit them better. For me, I thought this is still the best for me for now and for the rest of my friends, everyone is excelling in their different areas. These 8 years have been amazing for me, from single, to attached, to married, becoming a father of 1, 2 and now 3. How will things be like for the next 8 years?



After 4 years of waiting (including 2 years of disappointment), I’ve finally gotten the letter that I’ve been waiting for. IT’S THE PROMOTION LETTER! From the bottom of my heart, I’ve got so many people to thank, my bosses who have given me countless opportunities and of course my family, my wife, my children and my parents. If not for their support, I will not be able to concentrate and put in so much time at work.

Thank you once again and for my fellow friends and colleagues who have received the letters, congratulations and we shall see each other in July.

So disappointed


I once called this friend a buddy, but I guess, now I should just call him as a friend. I was very disappointed after our phone call and message. He was asking about some stuff about me and how I was doing, while there were still uncertainty, instead of giving me encouragement he just tells me off that I should forget about it and move on and he will be standing by my side blah blah blah.

While it is really a sensitive moment right now and I thank god that I’m now away from the limelight, at least, I face less questioning from people and is able to concentrate at work and stop thinking about it.

Well life goes on regardless of the results, though we always hope that our wish will come true.

Corporate photoshoot, my very first time


It is something that I’ve some time dreamt of doing and finally I’m finally doing it. I’ve taken my first corporate photoshoot for my department. For this very first time, I wasn’t really prepared as it was pretty last minute and I not really well dress. I was in a short sleeve shirt.

It was really tiring and I tell you, it is more difficult to take as compared to wedding shots and family portraits. I remembered for one of the shot, I was supposed to look at my female colleague and do some discussion and the photographer has requested me to look into her eyes. I simply couldn’t do it as I found it so difficult to look into her eyes and ended up, I looked at something else which was in her direction.

After looking at the end result, I can only say that the photography skill of the cameraman was fantastic.

A day at work


Finally, after seeing a sea of red yesterday, I’ve managed to clear all my emails and backlog work today. The best thing at work today was receiving a surprise email which will most probably be a motivation from now till June and I hope it will really come true as there are some positive signs. You want to know the answer? Well, you will know it in due course.

I’ve been at where I am for about 3 months now, but frankly speaking, I hasn’t really settle down. I’ve been taking leave, busy with some ad-hoc stuff, moving of office from Location X to Location Y and then back to taking my exam leave again. I hope at least for the next few months, I’ll be able to concentrate and spend alittle more time at work, though, over the past 2 months, there have been many instances where I stayed beyond the normal working hours in office.

I love what I’m doing now but its really different from what I’ve been doing previously, something which I’m still trying to learn and pick up. That’s all for now.