Patrick Pang

Sunrise.Sunset.Stars in Nepal


We’ve seen sunrise, sunset and stars in Singapore. But when we are closer to nature, away from the urbanise environment that we are in, the sunrise, sunset and stars that we see are much more amazing.

In the morning, I got the chance to witness sunrise at the Annapurna region. It was a breathtaking sight.

Sunrise in the Annapurna region

Then, there is the sunset with Machapuchare (also known as the Fish Tail Mountain) as the backdrop. The mountain has been declared sacred, and it is now forbidden to climbers.

Sunset (Machapuchare)

As for the stars, I could not capture any due to the camera that I was having. But I managed to see the Orion Belt where there are 3 stars spaced out in a straight line and witnessed seeing the shooting stars.

This trip to Nepal was truly a memorable one.

When I meet the animals in Nepal


Up in the mountains in Nepal, there are limited vehicular access and so the main mode of transport will either be walking or riding the pony. But riding the pony is a tourist thing so usually I understand that people will walk through the mountains as its their main form of transportation. For example, a child will have to walk approximately 1.5 hrs to school and another 1.5hrs back home. As for delivery of goods, it will either be carried by people or delivered by mules. The mules are strong animals as they carried haversacks, bricks, cement, sand and goods from one point to another.

Delivery by Mules

Along the way, I met water buffalos which were ploughing the fields and goats.


As I walked past these animals, I thought this was a better experience than going to the zoo as I got up close with them.

Children in the mountains


Over the past 19 days, I’ve explored different parts of the mountains in Nepal and along the way, I met villages and the children who are living in the mountainous area of Nepal. Each time when I looked at these children, I have the urge to always tell my own children how lucky they were. They have access to TV, music and the latest gadgets. When our children go to school, parents will either send them or they will be traveling via public transport or school bus. In the mountains, children have to walk to school and each walk will take at least 1 hour.

With the children in Nepal

The children in the mountains never ask for pocket money. For those that I came across, all they wanted were sweets. For some, they lead a worry free life. Its just play and no worries on

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their academic. While some others are in the woods collecting branches to burn to keep themselves warm in the cold weather.

Children collecting woods

If only, our life can be that simple and carefree. Regardless, we should appreciate and cherish what we have.