Patrick Pang

Lyon Once More


After slightly more than year, I traveled once more to Lyon, France for a working trip. As I arrived in Paris, took a 2 hours train ride and finally arrived in Part Dieu in Lyon, I no longer feel lost like I first arrived then and it was somehow a familiar place.

Nothing much has change. Our favourite Vietnamese restaurant was still there and the Carrefour was still as crowded as ever.

This had been a fruitful trip. Meeting new friends and catching up with old ones. I’ve also seen Lyon a side which I’ve not discovered previously. I’m not sure if I will ever visit Lyon again, but definitely it had been a good experience.

Place Bellecour


When you

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are in Lyon, you will have to visit their city centre Place Bellecour. Here, you will be able to find many heritage buildings which I personally love their architecture.

As you walk along the streets, you may notice vintage cars traveling along the roads.

Place Bellecour is also where you will find their tourism icon, which I thought is something that you should not miss.

In case you have more questions on what to see in Lyon, I’ve included a video by Lyon Tourisme in this post to give you a better overview of Lyon.

Transportation in Lyon


In Lyon, there are quite a few modes of public transport. You can either travel by bus, taxi, tram or metro and personally I thought, out of my 4 days in Lyon, the most trustworthy mode of transportation is metro.

I understand from my local friends that tram routes or bus routes may change depending on road conditions. For example, if there are road works, the tram or bus service may choose to

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stop service at a particular bus stop. The charges for tram, bus and metro is the same. Its a standard flat fee of 1.60 Euros regardless of the distance if you purchase from the ticketing machine. However, if you purchase your bus ticket when you board the bus, then it will cost 2.00 Euros.

For taxis, similar to Singapore, there is

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a meter in the taxi itself to calculate the fare based on the distance traveled. However, you might want to note that in most cases, we realised that they tend to round up the charges to a full figure. For example, if its 4.30 Euros, they will round up the charges to 5 Euros. I’m not too sure if this is a common practice though.

The efficiency of the French


When I first arrive at Charles De Gaulle, I thought to myself, this is going to be one of the most complicated airport that I’ve been to. When I arrived at the immigration, somehow, there isn’t any proper queuing system but at least I will say, clearing the immigration is almost a breeze.

However, things changed when I was waiting for my luggage.

It took me and other passengers almost an hour just to collect our luggage. After my 2 hours train ride, I finally arrived in Lyon. It took me more than 2 hours before I was able to check in into my apartment. Maybe we are not used to their working style and maybe they just like to do things slowly and carefully, but I’m quite sure, this is something that I’m not looking forward to.