Patrick Pang

Rediffusion is now on smart phones


Rediffusion was recently re-launched on 30 May 2013 after it was closed in April 2012 due to financial difficulty. Rediffusion brings back fond memories for me. I remembered in my younger days, grandma would always listen to the Teochew Opera Shows. Then, there were story telling and there are certain intervals of the day when news are reported in dialect. While one of the local radio stations do report news in dialect, the one on Rediffusion sounds more authentic.

Things changed and evolve and since its relaunched, Rediffusion is now downloadable on the smart phone. My mum told me in the past, the monthly rental of a Rediffusion setup box is $5. There are stories in various dialects

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and oldies which you can enjoy. While I may not really understand the stories that were told but it does remind me the days when grandma was still around. As I listen, how I wish grandma is by my side…

Rediffusion iPhone App

Instagram Top 50


This week marks my 200th picture post on Instagram. Since I sign up in December 2010, I just did not stop posting on Instagram and was quite impressed with the effects of the photos after applying the filters. Instagram has special meaning for me as I did my first project for Evan, Project 30, where it tracks Evan’s day-by-day growth. I always thought that Instagram was one of the greatest app since we are able to tell a story through the photos that we post. You can follow me on Instagram, just find me by my username, patrickpang.

Here’s the Top 50 pictures that I like most. Did you see any pictures that you like?

iAppView: Addicted to Instagram


Recently, I downloaded this app called Instagram. Its a app that you post a picture with a short description, in my view, its a combination of Twitter and Twitpic. There is a feed, just like how Twitter works and you get to enhanced your picture with several effects.

Other than the feed, you can also see some of the Popular pictures (they are pictures with the most number of LIKES) – some of them are really well taken. Am I addicted to it? Since I downloaded the app on Friday, I’ve actually posted 16 photos. The other thing I like about this app is it feed directly to my Twitter and automatically check in to my FourSquare account.

While I love this app, I do hope that it can be further enhanced. For example, there could be a WordPress Plugin to share my feed with visitors at my blog. Hopefully, we will see the availability of more effects to enhance the photos too. So far, the picture below is my favourite.

If you have Instagram, remember to add me, my username is patrickpang. Let’s start sharing the beautiful things in this world.

Instagram is now available at iTunes.

iAppView: iTODAY


Finally, there is an iPad App for a local newspaper and TODAY newspaper is the first to launch it. When I first look at it, I thought there is simply nothing special, since the layout was pretty much the same like those of Reuters.

The advantage of this app is that it has a video section which has a library of videos from Channel NewsAsia. The videos were the same ones on the Channel NewsAsia website, in my opinion, its nothing special. Other than the videos from Channel NewsAsia, there was a Harry Potter trailer *surprised* Somehow, I just couldn’t launch its LIVE radio.

Other than videos, it has anything that a newspaper has which is TV guide and TV Highlights. Overall, this is a pretty good move by a local newspaper to launch a iPad app. I was actually expecting more, probably a flipping paper and not something like click and read. This app is free and you might just want to download and try it out.

Citi Mobile Revamps


Remember I posted 2 weeks ago that I’m unable to attend Citi Mobile event that introduces new features for the App. The organizers were kind enough to send me a blogger kit to go through and experience first hand for myself some of the new features that were available. Its really nice of them and I thought what better way to blog about the new features and share it with everyone.

After more than 5 months of launch, Citibank’s iPhone App gets a revamp. It was then a simple iPhone App which allows customers to check their balances or make other banking transactions. With the revamp, there is now improved search functions in Gourmet Pleasures and Citi World Privileges and new features like searching for shopping deals, rebates and even e-coupons.

The App search for the best shopping offers around you using GPS technology. What I like about this function is that I can even share it via Twitter and Facebook with my friends or bookmark the privileges for easy referencing. Other than knowing where to shop, I can redeem shopping vouchers too!

So far, the banking features remains the same. In case you doesn’t know, instead of sending a SMS for your OTP, the App actually provides a ‘pop up’ message for your easy reference. I’ve already updated my App, have you?

iAppView: iChangi


Our very own Singapore Changi International Airport finally launches their iPhone App and I will say its definitely worth the wait. First, it allows you to search for the flight that you are waiting for and provides status such as “CONFIRMED” or “LANDED”. If you are lazy to search for the flight each time you log in, you have the option of saving the flight and monitor it through another section called My Flight where they will send you messages whenever there are any updates.

Wondering where to shop and dine at the airport? This app provides a directory of the shops and restaurants at all terminals (including Budget Terminal). You can search by terminal, shop or category. You can also find out what’s happening at the airport by selecting Highlights.

Personally, I find this app really useful and interactive and it helps me alot. For example, it provide almost LIVE update of status of flight details and I knew very quickly that the plane I was waiting for had landed. The best thing of all is that it is totally free. If you have not download this App, you should just do it now.

iAppView: CPF Board iPhone App


I got the sudden urge to do a iPhone App review. The kick came in after I did the introduction of IKEA iPhone App and realised that its such a good thing to do an iPhone App review since there isn’t really much available online (at least I don’t know any). From now on, I shall do a review as and when I come across any apps which is worth doing a review – regardless good or bad. If you are wondering what iAppView means, it is iPhone Application Review.

The very first iAppView will focus on CPF Board app. This app is called CPF Contribution Calculator. Like what the name suggest, it basically helps you to calculate how much you are required to contribute to CPF based on your income and age group. The app also provides definition of the terminology that CPF Board uses in the app to help aid you to key in the correct information. After keying in all the required information, the app will calculate how much money you’ve contributed to your Ordinary, Medisave and Special Account. It also includes the amount that your employer will contribute.

While I thought this app is really useful, especially for people who just started working and has no idea how much they are required to contribute to CPF Board. However, I do hope to see that this app develop in the future to include checking our CPF account balance. It will definitely be really useful if they can provide such a function. For now, I’m quite happy with what I see in this app.

The app is now available at iTunes for download.

ps: If you come across any app that is noteworthy and you will want me to do a review and share it with others, you can send me an email with the app name and a brief description of the app.

Go Green with IKEA iPhone Catalogue


IKEA has launched their iPhone catalogue and it could be one of the best way to go green, after all, their printed versions are really thick (I wonder how many trees are chopped down).

There are as many as 20 countries of catalogue that you can view from and for some of them, its available in Spanish and French as well. After downloading the app, you will need to select the country of the catalogue you are interested in. However, one word of advice is to download using WIFI if possible as the file is approximately 53mb.

I hope IKEA can do more marketing on this app and probably next year onwards, they can cut down on their printing of it.

Twitter vs Echofon


Finally, Twitter released an official Twitter App. After using Echofon as my “official” Twitter App, I’ve decided to try the official one, but with hesitation. The Reason: I’ve actually paid for the Echofon app that I’m currently using.

After downloading it, I fell in love with the Twitter app. First, its free and because its free, I love it even more. I don’t need to pay to add more than one Twitter account (I’ve got my own Twitter account and I’m monitoring the Punggol one too). Its quite easy to switch to this official app since the interface is almost similar.

But the love soon fades away after I use it even more. First, there isn’t any numbering indication on the number of new tweets since your last log in. How do you know if there is a new update? Well, there is a blue “light” at the bottom of the respective icons.

Next, I can’t even retweet with comments. I completely understand how the developers wants to keep the interface as close to the website as possible, but this doesn’t seems possible. The developers got to understand the difference between typing using a keyboard and a touchpad. Its not really easy to cut, copy or paste and key in RT etc.

Something that I thought Echofon stands out is its ability to provide the closest twitter friend when you enter @friend’snick. For now, I thought the amount of money I paid extra for to add an additional Twitter account to monitor is worthwhile and will stick to Echofon till the official Twitter App is upgraded to at least match what Echofon is doing.