Patrick Pang

The new iPhone 7 Plus


Its been about 3 weeks since I own a iPhone 7 Plus and so far, I’ve got to admit that the photo quality has improved as compared to my iPhone 6 Plus. After a conversation with my cousin, who promptly told me that I will not be able to appreciate the colour of the casing, I decided to stick to the Gold version.

iPhone 7 Plus


After getting the phone, I was trying to find opportunities to use the camera in dark areas. As I entered Stadium Station the next day, I decided to try taking a shot. The picture was below was uploaded on my Instagram and I had used filters and applied some effects to it. Personally, I thought the image turns out quite well (in terms of quality).

Stadium Station


Then there was a night when I decided to try taking a shot at 4am. I wouldn’t say that the place was pitch dark as the lights on the lamp posts were still on. But if I was to take the same shot using the iPhone 6 Plus, I’m quite confident that it will be quite grainy.

Photo taken at 4am


Conclusion? So far, I enjoy using the iPhone 7 Plus and has no complains of it. I just hope that Portrait option will be made available soon.

My first Time Lapse video


Recently, a friend was showing me a time lapse video and I was like “Wow, that’s so cool, which app did you use to record.?” His reply was “I used my iPhone.” Sometimes the more functionalities a phone have, the chances of missing out the extra functionalities our phones have becomes higher.

A few days ago, I was home and had the chance to record a short time lapse video. That was the time when it was just about to rain heavily and the dark clouds were coming.

It’s going to rain soon. Dark clouds are coming. #Singapore #instasg #sgig

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My iPhone 6 Plus


I’ve been using my iPhone 6 Plus for about 2 weeks and I’m still in the stage of adjusting. I’m still adjusting to the size of the phone and how big the fonts are. Somehow, I don’t quite feel secured because the font size are so big that the people around me can easily see what I’m messaging. I can no longer use one hand to take a selfie or do my texting because because while I can carry it with one hand, somehow, it just doesn’t allow me to do other task.

But other than being huge, what I like most will be the camera. Take alook at the night shot that I’ve taken.

Night shot taken from iPhone 6 Plus

But before I continue to enjoy the company of my iPhone 6 Plus, here’s a little tribute to my iPhone 5 which has served me well for the past 2 years.

Tribute to my iPhone 5

A Community. One Social Media.


During the recent #OccupyCentral protest in Hong Kong, I was following the incident closely on Twitter and was reading through several articles that appeared in my Twitter timeline. In the tweets and the articles, there were pictures that struck me really hard. They were pictures of students and elderly who were affected by the tear gas which the Police fired and pictures of Police carrying cannister of tear gas. At the first instance, I thought, the Police may have done something wrong. Why were they “attacking” these people?

At that moment, I very much wanted to know what the Police were saying in response to the criticism on their actions. However, I was going through the Internet and Googling but I just can’t seem to find any. In my opinion, the Hong Kong Police Force lost a battle – a battle to social media. The protestors got together as a community and using a specific hashtag and sharing pictures and stories at the very first instance that they could. But during this process, the local Police were not able to catch up and provide timely updates or even impactful pictures. What we see on social media were how fierce and demanding¬† these Police Officers were but what we didn’t see were how these officers had work tirelessly round the clock trying to maintain the law and order and possibly how they were instigated by the protestors.

After this episode, what the Hong Kong Police Force might want to consider doing is to start building their friends and community online and have them to turn the tide around in the social media world. It is not easy because you will need to build trust and convince the online community that you are friends with them and worth supporting.

When our communicating devices stops us from communicating


Up in the mountains, we do not have any telephone signals, therefore, what we did was talk to each other. I would say that in that situation, since we did not have our smart phones with us, we were forced to communicate with each other by having face to face talk.

However, when we got back to the city area and immediately when we knew that our smart phones were able to receive signals , we were stucked to our phones once again.

We are on our smart phones

Having experience both situations, I feel that we always think that we have communicated well with each other when we have What’sApp or SMS but in fact nothing beats face to face communication. Relationship are build when we talk to each other, feel each other’s emotions and know how each of us react to the conversation. What our smart phones benefits us is just about bringing our message across but it lacks the human touch. You never know how

each other feels (either when typing the message or receiving the message).

So the next time if you can, stop using your smart phone. Talk to people.



In Twitterverse, we get to experience many different types of campaigns and we see many hashtags each day. #throwbackthursday is probably one of those that has been going on for quite awhile but its something that I’m only starting to do. In fact, this is the second week which I’m doing.

This week, I selected a picture which was taken 2 years ago, a family picture that was taken at Sentosa during the Chinese New Year Flower Festival. The picture itself brought back some memories – when Evan was still being carried in our arms, Ezanne who was still not so independent then and Ethan, who was still in pre-school.

Family photo taken at Sentosa Island

Well, Sentosa Island got inspired to do a #throwbackthursday too and posted a nostalgic photo.

Sentosa #throwbackthursday

Social Media Revolution


I attended a Social Media Sharing Session on last Saturday, which I had the opportunity to speak. I was particularly impressed with a video which Mr Alvin Lim (the other speaker), shared.

I recalled that I first used Facebook probably 6 years ago and started tweeting 4 years ago. Personally, I feel that my social media journey had been an exciting one. Although I am not working in the field of social media marketing, I’ve had the opportunity to meet many people who had taught me valuable lessons on the use of social media. These days, I live and breath social media. From Facebook, Twitter to Foursquare, Instagram and occasionally Weibo, Linkedin and Tumblr.

I don’t read newspaper that frequently anymore and get my source of news from TV and the social media. In today’s context, news generally break first on Twitter.

While social media brings us many good stuff, there have been some negative impact too. I remembered I once said that we are now a look down society where we will just keep looking down at our phones. We talk less but post and tweet more. We are probably beginning to lose the human touch.

We need to calibrate our use of social media and embrace this form of technology into our lives. We should understand the medium and use them appropriately.

Rediffusion is now on smart phones


Rediffusion was recently re-launched on 30 May 2013 after it was closed in April 2012 due to financial difficulty. Rediffusion brings back fond memories for me. I remembered in my younger days, grandma would always listen to the Teochew Opera Shows. Then, there were story telling and there are certain intervals of the day when news are reported in dialect. While one of the local radio stations do report news in dialect, the one on Rediffusion sounds more authentic.

Things changed and evolve and since its relaunched, Rediffusion is now downloadable on the smart phone. My mum told me in the past, the monthly rental of a Rediffusion setup box is $5. There are stories in various dialects

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and oldies which you can enjoy. While I may not really understand the stories that were told but it does remind me the days when grandma was still around. As I listen, how I wish grandma is by my side…

Rediffusion iPhone App

A week without email access


Over the past 2 months, my Yahoo! email account was compromised twice. My account was hacked and emails were sent to my contacts in my address book. Then one day, I was asked to verify my email account and to my horror, I got the answer to my security question wrong. After trying for 3 times, my account was locked.

This was the beginning of the nightmare. I continued to receive new email alert on my phone and as the number of unread email rises, I was wondering what I can do. After searching around, finally, I found a Twitter account, @YahooCare to help me with the situation. Well, the response isn’t really fast, probably due to timezone difference.

But in any case, after feeling lost and down for almost a week, my email is finally alive again.

The @hellofrmsg Experience


One fine day, after following @hellofrmsg for some time, I decided to sign up as a curator. @hellofrmsg is a rotation curation project where each week, one Singaporean will share his experience living in Singapore. After following the Twitter account, I’ve learnt alittle more about Singapore. For me, I thought I should share my experience of a life as a young father 3, some of the problems and dilemmas I’ve faced and to take the opportunity to know more people.

The curation period was a challenging one and its not easy juggling between the various accounts which I was tweeting. Before I started the curation, I had planned out some topics which I wanted to discuss or tweet about and work out a schedule. During the curation period, I’ve tried to engage the followers alittle closer and started #shareSG. I’ve observed during my curation that in fact, every follower had a certain information or knowledge of Singapore that many of us wouldn’t know and I thought, since this Twitter account is about Singapore and for Singapore, its the most appropriate platform to share anything and everything on Singapore.

7 days flew past quickly and I’ve met more people online. It was a great experience for me and I do hope to be involved in such national projects in the months and years to come and I want to thank everyone who had supported me during my curation.