Patrick Pang

H1N1: 34 cases in Singapore and our near H1N1 experience


Its terrible to get sick during this period of time especially when you are down with fever, sore throat, cough and flu. These were exactly what Ethan was down with when we brought him to see the doctor again this morning. And so, the doctor asked the magical question again, “Did Ethan come into contact with anyone who has return from H1N1 affected countries?” My answer to her was “NO” BUT, I do not know if any of his classmates has been to H1N1 affected countries.

But then again, as we discuss with the doctor, the childcare would have turn away students who are sick. So after much deliberation, the doctor decided to give him addtional medication. I could see from the doctor’s face that she was thinking, and thinking and thinking whether to call 993, and I was hoping she would not, cause I just cannot imagine how we are going to manage it. And since Ethan did not come into contact with anyone who went to H1N1 affected countries (to my knowledge), I was pretty confident that the doctor would not have done so.

Separately, Singapore has reported 34 cases as of Saturday, an increase of 7 such cases. So far, all the cases, except 1, are imported cases and let’s hope that this situation will remain as it is and there will not be any community spread.

H1N1: Singapore has 4 cases and my experience


Since the first reported case 2 days ago, I believed the measures taken at clinic and hospitals has gone up again. I’ve visited my GP today for a follow up cause at times, I still feel feverish and of course, my throat is still really painful. When I reached, the clinic staff were donning mask. Even the doctor was donning the mask and during the consultation, my doctor asked me the magical question, “Did you came into contact with friends who went overseas recently?” And my answer was, “Erm, I don’t think so.” Ok, for the people around me, I’m defintely sure but for the people whom I’m meeting, frankly speaking, I don’t know.

So I supposed the next time when we go for meetings, we should not say “Hi, how are you?” But we should say, “Hi, have you been to any H1N1 affected countries recently?”

I just hope that everything will be under control and defintely will not want to go through another SARS period. CHOI!

H1N1 alert drops in Singapore but…


The number of cases reported continues to rise as China confirms its first case. Authorities in China are now conducting contact tracing for the passengers who boarded the same Tokyo-Beijing flight with the Chinese national. According to latest reports, the number of cases in US has surpass Mexico and the number of deaths just keep increasing (scary).

Back home, situation here seems to be completely different from a week ago since the level has dropped. Last week, I remembered when I was boarding the train at HarbourFront Station, they had cleaners clearning the hand bar of the train. But I was thinking, they were just using the same cloth again and again and the cleaner did not even clean the hand bar that I was holding on to. So is it 100% clean? What made things worst was that she only clean 3/4 of the cabin while the other cabins were not clean since she only had about 3 mins to do so before the train leaves the station.

In any case, we should remain vigilant and maintain good personal hygiene.

Adjusting our life to accomodate Swine Flu (H1N1) measures…


Today is the first day of work after MOH has upgraded the threat level to orange. What are the significant changes that we are experiencing? At work, we are supposed to take temperature 3 times daily, when we start work, noon time and before we knock off for work.

At school, temperature taking has also started. In the typical kiasu Singaporean style, instead of asking questions like, have you travelled to Mexico over the past 2 weeks, they’ve asked an additional question, Have you been to Malaysia? Huh, since when H1N1 has hit Malaysia? But alright lah, better to be safe then sorry. But I don’t understand one thing, if they can take my temperature for today, why is it that from tomorrow onwards I’m supposed to bring my own thermometer? I just don’t understand, they’ve got a high tech thermometer, its a infra red thermometer, but they choose not to use it anymore.

Back home, I thought over-reacting Singaporean behaviour will not happen to me, but I’m wrong. My mom made CHICKEN WANTON! WHY? My mom said, “Because of swine flu lor!” Urghhh, how many times must I emphasize that eating pork is safe during this period of time. So, after eating 2 wantons, I told my mum, “Forget it, please cook pork wanton then I will eat, otherwise, I’m gonna boycott home cooked dinner!”

Swine Flu Alert!


It has reached Asia. Hong Kong and South Korea has both reported the first confirmed cases of Swine Flu or Influenza A (H1N1) virus. It has become worrying since it is getting closer and closer to us, and I just hope that it will not land here.

In Singapore, MOH has reacted swiftly. It was reported in tonight’s news that Aloha Loyang has been used as an alternative quarantine facilities, where similar arrangement took place in 2003 for SARS. It will be used to house foreigners. However, I just pity those chalet guests who had booked their units to enjoy their family gathering or other functions which they had planned to have.

Meantime, WHO has also changed of the terminology for the latest flu outbreak from Swine Flu to Influenza A(H1N1) after mass cullings of pigs in Eygpt and banning of pork meat imports from US, Canada and Mexico in Russia and China. In case you do not know, so far, eating cooked pork meat is still safe, so for a meat eater like me, at least I don’t need to rely on chicken yet.

I will try to provide more Swine Flu related updates when neccessary.