Patrick Pang

Starhub TVB Awards = I’ve see myself


Starhub has finally posted the official photographs for the 1st Starhub TVB Awards. I was surfing and checking out the photographs when I realise that I’m on one of the photo. Even more surprising, I just cannot believe that there were so many people behind me.

You can view the full set of official photos at Starhub website.

1st Starhub TVB Awards (Video)


I’ve posted the photos earlier and now, here are the videos as promised. Its just some short clips from the “Green Carpet”. As Starhub’s Channel 55, VV Drama will be showing the entire award ceremony, therefore, I’ll only show the short clips here. As for the entire award ceremony, stay tuned to the TV.

Special Update: Starhub TVB TV Awards 2010


Thanks for everyone who have been visiting to see the pictures, the good news is all the pictures have been uploaded, there are 325 of them so enjoy.

My wifey got some videos and I’m currently in the midst of uploading them. Once its ready, I’ll post them here. So please hang on for alittle while more.