Patrick Pang

They may need our help


I came across an article in today’s The New Paper, “Neighbours’ six-year dispute over mystery smell“. This headline caught my attention and reminded me of a case which I was working on previously when I was a RC Chairman.

TNP Article
There was this lady, Mdm A, who came to the RC and went to many different agencies to feedback about her neighbours peeping into her unit. I spoke to her and decided to pay her visit at her place. The windows at her home were all closed and she covered them with cloths and cardboards. In my opinion, her living conditions were less than ideal. Like the story which TNP ran, the neighbours did not quite figure out what happened each time the agency visited them. They became frustrated and the relationship turned sour.

Most of us have a busy lifestyle these days and living in a concrete jungle sometimes doesn’t help at all. Personally, I think we need green spaces, a place to walk and appreciate nature. We need to learn to relax and let go of the work stress and pressure which we accumulate. Body wellness is important and it will help if we can always shout out to someone for help when the need arise.

For Mdm A’s case, I referred to the Agency for Integrated Care (AIC) and they have been following up with her family members. At least for now, Mdm A doesn’t come to the RC to look for us and that her family members are paying more attention to her.

Collectively as a community, all of us can help to look out for one another. If you sense that your neighbour need help, you can always go to the RC or the nearest CC and alert them. The volunteers would then be able to look into it, render the necessary assistance and forward to the relevant agencies to follow up.


HDB Architecture – Uniquely Singapore


More than 85% of Singaporeans live in public housing and wherever we go, we will see blocks of HDB flats. We call it our neighbourhood, our precinct, our cluster whichever way you call it, I will say that most of us are pretty proud of where we stay. The designs of HDB flats have evolved over the years and over the past months, I’ve been to different parts of Singapore (my work brings me there) and took some photos of how the HDB flats look like.

I like this block of flats in Yishun. Lonely but standing tall. The older flats in Singapore has a long stretch of void deck at almost every floor. I like this concept because you can always say “Hi” to your neighbours and you can feel the warmth, kampong spirit and close neighbourliness relationship.

Flats in Yishun

Next its in Punggol. In Punggol, flats are built in clusters. Each cluster will have a rooftop garden linked to the blocks and depending on the design, if you are lucky, you will have direct linkages to the carpark. Rows of void decks are no longer part of the facade and what you see are the different units.

Flats in Punggol - Punggol Specta

Lastly, its Pinnacle of Duxton and probably it brought the standard of design of HDB flats to its pinnacle (as the name suggests). They stand tall and modern blending in well with the surrounding buildings (the office towers and condominiums). These blocks of flats are so much taller than the existing ones (sending a secret message to all that they are the leader of all HDB flats).

Pinnacle @ Duxton


Having seen the different designs of the flats, I can only say that its evolving fast to keep up with times, aspirations and developments surrounding it.

Block visit with Sam Soh


Last week, I volunteered for block visit and was teamed up with a lady called Sam Soh. We started our block visit from Level 17 and walked down the stairs, level by level, visiting every individual units. Sam Soh has two children staying in the block which we visited and was a familiar face to many of the people staying there. Sometimes, when we knocked on the door and there isn’t any response, she will give a shout to her neighbours and the next moment, they will be opening the door.

She shared with me that she will wake up at 5am everyday, go for her morning exercise and later in the afternoon, will travel around to other parts of Singapore to eat good food. Sometimes she will go to Chinatown and sometimes she will go to Tiong Bahru.

I can only say that I’m totally impressed with her dedication in volunteering and what she is doing. I’m even more impressed when she told me that she is 73 years old. She is definitely a good role model of a senior citizen who embraces active ageing.

Sam Soh and me

The SG50 Funpack Distribution


Having to look after residents in more than 2900 units and 32 blocks of flats, naturally, I was alittle worried about how we can effectively deliver the SG50 Funpack to everyone. I knew for sure that we can’t do it alone and needed more help. Therefore, before the distribution, I decided to call out to my fellow neighbours and friends in the precinct for help.

Call Out for Help for SG50 Funpack Distribution

After the poster was put up, we started receiving phone calls and emails with residents volunteering themselves and telling us that they would like to join us. Some came alone, some came with their children and some came with their friends. I recalled meeting a lady in her 60s who told me that she can walked down every floor with us after I told her to stay back at the Multi Purpose Hall to help with the coordination of the delivery of funpacks to the respective blocks. Then I met another man who offered his van and helped to deliver the funpacks to the various blocks in our precinct. A point to note is that our precinct is rather huge and it will take us about 10 to 15 minutes to walk from one end to another and so, the van was a great help for all of us. There were some who said that they just want to help us to get the job done.

During the distribution, many were appreciative of what we were doing. Some gave us words of encouragement and some offered us drinks. At the end of the day, I’m touched by the support that everyone had given and displayed a true Singapore spirit where everyone come together as one people, one nation, one Singapore.

Thank you to the more than 70 people (including my members and their family members) who came to help.

More than 70 people came and distributed the SG50 Funpacks


A new milestone for Punggol 21 Page


I’ve written a number of blog posts for Punggol 21 Facebook Page but still think that its worthwhile to document it since it hit a new milestone in May 2015. After 5 years, the page finally reached 10,000 likes. Personally, this is achievement since there isn’t any proactive publicity to promote this page and the page likes grew organically. I feel having quality content is the key to success and curating the content alone is a challenging and mammoth task.

Punggol 21
Over the last 5 years, I’ve seen many similar page setup and some even had almost similar format and page description. I feel that staying true to the objective is important. It is not about competing which page has more likes but how the platform we have created help to serve our community in one way or another. While I’m heartened and encouraged by the likes and hope that the page will continue to grow, I do hope that the engagement that I’ve created will continue to grow from strength to strenght.

First Zumba Family Night


Two years ago, I started a movie screening event. The event was free and was aim at bringing people together. The event was a success and we had been organizing it quarterly and the event format is replicated at many other RCs in Punggol.

For Grassroots, we need to consistently innovate and organize activities to attract more people to join us and leverage on the platform to bond the community closer together. Last week, we had our first Zumba Family night. The event was free and many adults came. It was also heartwarming to see the adults bringing their children and dance together. Even the senior citizens came to support too. We had people volunteering to lead the Zumba dance.

After the event, many came to give positive feedback about the event and I hope we will be able to organize it again.

Zumba Family Night

Bringing history closer to the community


I’ve started working with my team at Punggol 21 CC on a heritage corner since October/ November 2014. This project is a joint collaboration between the CC and National Heritage Board. It was a pretty exciting project as I was quite interested to find out more about the history of Punggol.

The theme of the heritage corner was the past, present and future. It tells the story how Punggol started, it progress and develop and what we have in the future. In order to get more people to participate, there are several interactive installations accompanying the information boards.

The heritage corner is located at Level 3 of Punggol 21 CC, 80 Punggol Field Road. If you are just round the corner, do take some time to visit it and let me know what you think.

Heritage Corner at Punggol 21 CC


The importance of listening


At every community event, I get to meet up with many people. Some people may come up and highlight certain issues. These issues are wide ranging, it could be something that affects them personally, improvement works which they think should be taken up or feedbacks. Personally, I enjoy such interactions. As I listen to each and every one of them, up in my mind, I’m thinking if something can be done, what can be done better or maybe there is already something which is available for them.

In a community, things move two ways. I will not be able to build and improve our precinct alone and I need people to come forward to tell me about it as I got to acknowledge that I may have missed out certain areas. Listening helps and listening will definitely help to make our precinct a better place to live in.

Over the last 3.5 years, I’ve received emails, Facebook messages or SMS and I hope more will come forward.

Interacting and Listening

Showing Appreciation To Our Partners


Our community is made up of different groups of people who contribute in each and every way to make our home a better place to live in. We have the residents who live harmoniously with each other, bonded through activities, the volunteers who organised activities, the workers who looks after the cleanliness and maintain the various parts of our estate.

For me, in addition to our residents, I appreciate what the workers do for us. Behind the scenes, they work tirelessly to clean up our estate for us. Therefore, each year, we organise a special function, dedicated just for them. Its a time for them to sit down and relax to eat and chat with us. Last year was the second year that we organised it and I hope that we can continue to do so. The next time, when we see them in our neighbourhood, do take some time, to say HI and THANK YOU to them.


North East CDC Sharing Session


Earlier this month, my RC hosted the North East CDC Sharing Session. The session was aimed at sharing with the residents the services which CDC offers at the RC. Currently, through the collaboration, we have the Cafe Corner, Mobile Library, Community Resource Centre and Study Corners. Through these collaborations, the RC is able to open up for a longer period of time which will be beneficial for the community. More than 50 residents turn up for the event.

Group Picture taken during North East CDC Sharing Session

For example, people who visits us to borrow a book from the library can actually sit in the RC Centre to read the book and enjoy a cup of coffee or milo at the same time. At the cafe corner, residents will get to enjoy free milo, coffee or any hot drinks that are available. At the Community Resource Centre, we have got ladder and tools which you can loan for free.

Special thanks to North East CDC for the collaboration and if you want to find out more you can visit the RC Facebook Page.