Patrick Pang

Look! Its a plane!


Do you remember the so-called winning shot from Nikon Photo Competition?

Somehow, I got inspired to photoshop take something similar and whenever I get the opportunity, I’ll try to take a photo of a plane and something else. Once in awhile, I will browse through the past photos which I’ve uploaded on my Instagram and found out that I actually took quite a number of these photos (about 3 this year). The photos were taken using an iPhone, the first two was taken from an iPhone 6 Plus while the third was taken from an iPhone 7 Plus (I’m not trying to advertise for Apple).

Look Up

Look Up

Look Up
So what do you think? Should I continue to take such shots in 2017 or maybe I should move on.

HDB Architecture – Uniquely Singapore


More than 85% of Singaporeans live in public housing and wherever we go, we will see blocks of HDB flats. We call it our neighbourhood, our precinct, our cluster whichever way you call it, I will say that most of us are pretty proud of where we stay. The designs of HDB flats have evolved over the years and over the past months, I’ve been to different parts of Singapore (my work brings me there) and took some photos of how the HDB flats look like.

I like this block of flats in Yishun. Lonely but standing tall. The older flats in Singapore has a long stretch of void deck at almost every floor. I like this concept because you can always say “Hi” to your neighbours and you can feel the warmth, kampong spirit and close neighbourliness relationship.

Flats in Yishun

Next its in Punggol. In Punggol, flats are built in clusters. Each cluster will have a rooftop garden linked to the blocks and depending on the design, if you are lucky, you will have direct linkages to the carpark. Rows of void decks are no longer part of the facade and what you see are the different units.

Flats in Punggol - Punggol Specta

Lastly, its Pinnacle of Duxton and probably it brought the standard of design of HDB flats to its pinnacle (as the name suggests). They stand tall and modern blending in well with the surrounding buildings (the office towers and condominiums). These blocks of flats are so much taller than the existing ones (sending a secret message to all that they are the leader of all HDB flats).

Pinnacle @ Duxton


Having seen the different designs of the flats, I can only say that its evolving fast to keep up with times, aspirations and developments surrounding it.

The action series… Of the children


We have shifted to our new place and we have got more walls and more space to play with. One day, on the bed, Evan was covering his ears after he found it difficult to sleep as he feels that the environment was rather noisy. I took a photo of him and after that, looking at him, I feel that instead of the usual group photos and smiley ones, I am beginning to see the other side of my children and decided to move on to take more of it.

Evan covering his ears


The next picture which I took was for Ezanne. This picture was taken when Ezanne with some toys and decided to put together some of the “fences” and made it into a hat and wore it. Somehow, I feel such moments were difficult to capture but rather satisfying after seeing the pictures.

Ezanne being creative


The last was Ethan. He always enjoyed his weekly Wushu class in school and I asked him, show me something that you’ve learnt. This was what he showed me.

Ethan doing his wushu stunt



I’m not being negative but these days, weather has become unpredictable in Singapore. I’m beginning to learn to appreciate the dark clouds that I see. Sometimes it can be pretty but sometimes it can be scary. If you are interested, you can search for #darkclouds on Instagram or follow me on Instagram to view the pictures.

Dark clouds

Dark Clouds

Traffic jam


There was a massive jam along ECP this evening due to an accident and I tried to make a detour to avoid the jam hoping to reach home earlier. But I guess, many other drivers has similar thoughts as me and took the other route too. In the end, I was caught up in a jam.

But sometimes I thought, its not a bad thing to be stuck in a jam as you will begin to observe the things around us.

During the jam, I came across the fences which are meant for the Singapore Grand Prix. While the F1 race has brought about much inconvenience to us, especially those working in the area, but don’t you agree that it has add colours to our tourism sector?

Then, we traveled along Nicoll Highway and pass by the construction of the Sports Hub. The stadium is slowly taking shape and I’m looking forward to our new stadium. Though, I still miss the old one though as I had lots of memories there.

So the next time you are caught in a jam, probably you want to spend some time to observe the surroundings.

Ray of Light


In the urban jungle that we live in, its difficult to travel around, find a spot and start taking pictures of the natural surrounding. In most cases, we will only see buildings which

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we will appreciate its architecture in the day and be impressed by its lightings at night. But sometimes, these structures can also create certain effects when its blended well with the surroundings. Its just like the photo below which had the sunlight penetrating through the void area of the flyover. Its a simple photo and personally, I love the effect. Do you?

A day at Pulau Ubin


In preparation for my departmental field trip to Chek Jawa, I made a trip first to Pulau Ubin to make the necessary arrangements for the event itself. I’ve been to Pulau Ubin a few times but each time I did not have the opportunity to explore Pulau Ubin. I’m usually there for leadership camp so its pretty rush each time trying to complete certain activity.

As I set foot at Pulau Ubin, I engaged the service of this uncle called Ah Tek, who drove us to Chek Jawa. There is not better person that hearing from the people of Ubin the happenings in Pulau Ubin. He showed us the last Malay village, tell us which resident whom we met along the way stayed where and the location where a local DJ Dennis Chew met with an accident.

He brought us to Chek Jawa and explained to us how to get a guide and where are the places to visit. As we were walking in, we saw 3 wild boars and he even told us the name of one of them, Meh Meh. In urban Singapore, you will hardly see these animals these days so we were alittle excited when we saw it.

It was past 5pm and he brought us to a jetty like area which were were able to see part of Chek Jawa. The weather and the surroundings was just pefect, it was beautiful.

As we were exiting Chek Jawa back to the Jetty, he stopped and showed us a quarry. It was like a heavenly place. The water was clear, the reflections of the water and everything we see were simply too beautiful to be true. I’m looking forward to my Chek Jawa trip in mid-February.

Beautiful night at Marina Barrage


Sometimes my job brings me to places at the most unexpected time. Tonight, I’ve got to visit Marina Barrage to prepare for a function on Friday and so far, I’ve only been to that place in the day or early evening but never at night. It was windy and quiet, there isn’t much people around, probably because its a weekday.

As I enter, I saw the fountain with colourful lighting. There were a number of people who were trying to capture shots of the fountain.

As you walk up to the roof of the barrage, you will be welcome by the spectacular Singapore city skyline.

If you have time, you might want to visit Marina Barrage at night and re-discover the beauty of Singapore again.

Raffles Place in Black and White


Whenever I’m on leave, its not time for me to rest but rather, its time for me to run errands. There isn’t much difference today since I took the opportunity to get a haircut (just before my stylist go for her maternity leave) and clear my bills. Due to the high parking cost, I decided to park my car somewhere and had the opportunity to walk around Raffles and re-discover some of the skyscrapers in Black and White.

Along the way, I re-discovered, One Raffles Place, formerly known as OUB Building.

Just outside Raffles Place MRT Station, I took the shot of Hitachi Tower and its nearby building.

Sometimes, when

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life is alittle more relax, we will be able to discover and explore more things.

Marina Bay Sands Skypark – A different experience for every visit


I’ve made my 5th visit yesterday since the opening of the Skypark last year. Every visit that I’ve made seems to be a different experience. I still remember during my first visit that there were no F&B outlets at the skypark itself and there were several developments around the Marina Bay area. Up till today, some of the developments at Fullerton and Marina Bay Financial Centre has been completed and Gardens By The Bay is slowly shaping out.

Workers were busy putting finishing touches to the soon-to-be open Art Science Museum.

When you are at the skypark, you must visit the Infinity Pool, the highest swimming pool in Singapore.

My previous visit to the skypark was at most 30 to 45 minutes. But this time, I stayed on for approximately 2 hours. So I managed to see the Singapore city skyline in the day and in the night. When the lights were on, the scene was just BEAUTIFUL!

As, it was the Chingay Parade last night, we managed to catch a glimpse of it from the skypark. But what I really do like was the changing colours of the Singapore Flyer.

I’m looking forward to my next visit at the Skypark.