Patrick Pang

Play at Amazonia Singapore


During the June holidays, the children had the chance to spend some time at Amazonia Singapore, an indoor playground at Great World City.

The children enjoying themselves at Amazonia Singapore
Ethan is 11 this year and in my opinion, he will probably have to give such indoor playground a miss given his height and maturity. Thankfully, the obstacles at Amazonia is spacious enough for him to play comfortably with his siblings. I also took a chance to sneak in and play with the children for awhile.

Playing the slide

Other than the obstacles, the children also had a chance to play 3D golf putters and Space Balls. The 3D golf putters was a thematic golf game where the children need to go through the different a “9 hole golf course”. As for Space Balls, they would have to aim and shoot the target board. However, do note that there are extra charges for these games. Personally, I think its worth paying for it.

3D Golf Putters


For children below the age of 3, there is also a corner designated for them. If you are still thinking where to go over the weekend, you may want to bring your child to explore Amazonia Singapore. It is located at  Kim Seng Promenade, #03-08 Great World City Mall.

Wall Murals at HDB flats


I remembered when I was young, the void decks of the HDB flats were filled with interesting wall murals. For awhile, they were gone and over the last few years, it seems, they were back once again. Whenever I see an interesting wall mural, I would stop and take a photo with it. After all, these beautiful wall murals are worth giving a shoutout and get more people to appreciate it.

Some of these wall murals brings back memories such as the Sharity Elephant and Singa which I saw. While the others, add colours to our neighbourhood and make it a more interesting one to live in.

Wall Mural

Like the one below had the places of interest of the different countries painted and had captions below to explain. What is more important is that people appreciate it and take good care of it (hopefully, no one vandalises them).

Wall Mural


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Those were the days… At Temasek Poly


My wife is taking up part time studies at Temasek Polytechnic (TP) and these days whenever I can, I will try to either send her to school or pick her up. Each time, it brings back fond memories that I had especially when I drive past School of ITAS (IT and Applied Science). Probably the most interesting and memorable days were the times spent there. I recalled we had Jam and Hop (at that time in the late 90s and early 00s, we probably think that TP is a cool poly as compared to the other 3). Then we had our Open House when I was volunteered and became a guide for those Sec 4/5 students.

One unique thing during my time at TP was the fact that there isn’t any fast food in the school. There were canteens at the different schools and probably the closest we could get were western food. Food was cheap and some canteens comes with great view. For example, the one at ITAS has the view of the soccer field while you can enjoy the reservoir at Mensa 2.

Fast forward 10 years, the school now has Toast Box, McDonalds and Subway.

I was taking a walk with my wife and I was pointing to her the library. I told her that I enjoyed visiting the library. But don’t get me wrong, I’m not that for the books but for the view. It was simply awesome.

If you were once a TP student, what did you miss most about the school?

Library at TP

Get Real on Singapore Scam Alert


Over the past 1.5 months, I had the opportunity to work with Channel NewsAsia Get Real team on an episode on scams. It was quite interesting going behind the scene to see how the producer work on the story and how they setup the rooms for the respective interviews.

In the programme, there is a scammer, Police, psychologist, victims and cyber crime experts. The scammer explains why she wants to do it, the Police talks about the challenges and vulnerabilities of the victims, the psychologist explains the desires which leads to the weakness, the victims shared their experience and how they came to sense and realize that they have been scammed and the cyber crime experts talks about the complexities of the Internet.

This is quite an informative programme and do take some time to watch it.

Get Real

Running and just keep running


I took part in the Standard Chartered Marathon last week and ran in the 21km event. This is probably my 4th 21km and possibly my last (I’m still thinking about it). The first 20km was still manageable with the water breaks at the various water points. I thought the most challenging part of the route was at the Telok Blangah Highway stretch, it was hot and like a never ending route.

In the last 1km at the Fullerton Hotel stretch, I had stitches followed by muscle cramp. There was a moment when I thought to myself, “Maybe I should just give up and forget about crossing the finishing line.” Then again, I’m already near the finishing, perhaps I should just move on. So I did and completed the run.

Completing the 21km run


After this run, I had the chance to change my sports shoes, one that had ran with me for 20 over months. This pair of shoes accompanied me to many places, many kilometres and the sweat and sorrow that we’ve been through were simply memorable. You may be thinking why sorrow? In recent months, running has become one avenue for me to get away from upsets and frustrations and I think its working well for me. I will miss this pair of shoes.

My sports shoes



I went for a jog last week and captured this shot. There was clear blue sky and the reflection which I see got me thinking deeper into things. Sometimes things are moving so quickly in life that we do not even take time to reflect. It is only when we get into a certain situation then we slow things down to reflect what was done previously and whether if we need to change or improve. As I reflect, there are both satisfaction and regrets.

Many things happened over the past few months and I hope I can see the clear blue sky again.


The Pioneer Generation Package Pioneer Cheer Caught My Attention


The Pioneer Generation Office had created numerous videos relating to the Pioneer Generation Package. These videos were produced in many languages (including dialects).

This particular one, which is in Teochew, appeared on my Facebook timeline. Since then, I got to admit that it became so addictive that I keep playing it.

The sports shoes that gave me a view point in life


Life can be simple and life can be straightforward. Sometimes, the simple things in life can give us some clues and guidance on how our life should be and provide a certain view point in life. I was going through my Instagram posts and found 2 pictures of my sports shoes.

In the first post, the loose shoe lace got me thinking about what was happening at work and what I should do next. In that post, I wrote, “When the shoe lace is loose, we tie it. The past month at work had been a roller coaster. Time to tighten the loose ends and work harder.”

Loose Shoe Lace

The second picture which I took was when I discovered that the pair of sports shoes was almost giving way, the sole is almost falling apart and there was a hole on it. It got me thinking of what I want in life, stability or more challenges? I wrote, “It’s hazy but I still went ahead with a short 2.5km run. Discovered a “hole” at the front of my sport shoes and the sole is almost giving way. But it’s comfortable and still reliable. No intention of changing it and prefer it in this way because I’m not sure if the next pair will be equally good. “

The sports shoes

Will my pair of sports shoes give me more clues in life?

HDB Architecture – Uniquely Singapore


More than 85% of Singaporeans live in public housing and wherever we go, we will see blocks of HDB flats. We call it our neighbourhood, our precinct, our cluster whichever way you call it, I will say that most of us are pretty proud of where we stay. The designs of HDB flats have evolved over the years and over the past months, I’ve been to different parts of Singapore (my work brings me there) and took some photos of how the HDB flats look like.

I like this block of flats in Yishun. Lonely but standing tall. The older flats in Singapore has a long stretch of void deck at almost every floor. I like this concept because you can always say “Hi” to your neighbours and you can feel the warmth, kampong spirit and close neighbourliness relationship.

Flats in Yishun

Next its in Punggol. In Punggol, flats are built in clusters. Each cluster will have a rooftop garden linked to the blocks and depending on the design, if you are lucky, you will have direct linkages to the carpark. Rows of void decks are no longer part of the facade and what you see are the different units.

Flats in Punggol - Punggol Specta

Lastly, its Pinnacle of Duxton and probably it brought the standard of design of HDB flats to its pinnacle (as the name suggests). They stand tall and modern blending in well with the surrounding buildings (the office towers and condominiums). These blocks of flats are so much taller than the existing ones (sending a secret message to all that they are the leader of all HDB flats).

Pinnacle @ Duxton


Having seen the different designs of the flats, I can only say that its evolving fast to keep up with times, aspirations and developments surrounding it.

A challenging month


The past month had been a challenging month for me and I’ve been trying hard to cope with what I was doing. Working, volunteering and managing home and I started reflecting on what I did and whether it was right or wrong. If I was given a chance to turn back, would I have done things differently? These questions just keep coming back and I just keep asking myself.

One day, I decided to go for a run and captured a sunset shot.

Sunset at Marina Bay


This shot reaffirmed that life can be beautiful and the reflections that I see tells me that in life, we continuously reflect and improve ourselves and our lives and how we can make it better.