Patrick Pang

National Day Parade 2015 – Celebrating Our Golden Jubilee


This year, we were lucky enough to get tickets to the Padang to celebrate Singapore’s 50th Birthday together with the rest of our fellow Singaporeans. Ezanne was extremely excited as this is her first National Day Parade. We were thinking to ourselves how we will be able to manage her if she wants to go for toilet breaks but the show was probably so good that she did not even ask for it.

With Ezanne at Padang


The weather was a little hot initially so I got Ezanne to drink plenty of water. As the show begin, Ezanne started to be curious and stood up to watch the parade. I asked her what was her favourite and she said, its the fighter planes.

The Fighter Jet Display


She was singing to her hearts out when she is home so I would have expected that she will do so when attending the parade. But the girl was little too shy and decided to just enjoy the performance.

Getting into action, singing and waving the flag


After the show she told me that she enjoyed herself and I’m happy that she did.

The SG50 Funpack Distribution


Having to look after residents in more than 2900 units and 32 blocks of flats, naturally, I was alittle worried about how we can effectively deliver the SG50 Funpack to everyone. I knew for sure that we can’t do it alone and needed more help. Therefore, before the distribution, I decided to call out to my fellow neighbours and friends in the precinct for help.

Call Out for Help for SG50 Funpack Distribution

After the poster was put up, we started receiving phone calls and emails with residents volunteering themselves and telling us that they would like to join us. Some came alone, some came with their children and some came with their friends. I recalled meeting a lady in her 60s who told me that she can walked down every floor with us after I told her to stay back at the Multi Purpose Hall to help with the coordination of the delivery of funpacks to the respective blocks. Then I met another man who offered his van and helped to deliver the funpacks to the various blocks in our precinct. A point to note is that our precinct is rather huge and it will take us about 10 to 15 minutes to walk from one end to another and so, the van was a great help for all of us. There were some who said that they just want to help us to get the job done.

During the distribution, many were appreciative of what we were doing. Some gave us words of encouragement and some offered us drinks. At the end of the day, I’m touched by the support that everyone had given and displayed a true Singapore spirit where everyone come together as one people, one nation, one Singapore.

Thank you to the more than 70 people (including my members and their family members) who came to help.

More than 70 people came and distributed the SG50 Funpacks


One Singapore


When the NDP 2013 theme song was first played, it had many criticism and personally, I didn’t quite like it too. But as I keep listening to it and imagine myself at the National Day Parade itself, I thought this song was not that bad afterall. This is a song which many can sing along to during the parade finale itself.

For the children, this is one song which they enjoy. Ethan told us that they were taught how to sing this song in school. Naturally when he came back home, he will request us to play it. Since we play it for him, Ezanne and Evan will join him and learn how to sing too and so, they decided to form a choir to sing this song. They try to learn to pronounce the lyrics and the dance moves. Enjoy this version of One Singapore.

Ethan the aspiring photographer


Ethan is surely taking steps to become a photographer. During the National Day Parade, he asked for my camera and said that he wanted to take photos. At first, he didn’t press the button hard enough and nothing was taken. After some guidance, he took his first shot and he became fascinated by what the camera had captured. Here are some shots which Ethan took.

What do you think of his photography skills? I thought a for a 6 years old handling a DSLR, it was excellent. He might just be the next photographer at NDP next year (just day dreaming).

Happy 47th Birthday Singapore


I know I’m 2 days late but I thought, I still have to write this blog post about Singapore’s 47th Birthday Bash. This year, its something special and I thought, its exceptional.

Over the past year, I’ve got the opportunity to travel around and meet many friends from around the world. After talking to them, I thought how lucky we are to live in Singapore, a place where everyone live harmoniously together, regardless of race, language or religion. Political stability is what I cherish and its one of the safest place in the world.

Just before National Day, there were rumours flying around about our founding father, Mr Lee Kuan Yew. As we see him appearing on the big screen, everyone was screaming and somehow, I thought, it was a touching moment. He is a visionary and without him, we will not be where we are today.

Here’s wishing Singapore Happy 47th Birthday and may you continue to prosper.



I know National Day is over but I came across an excellent video on Facebook which recorded shots of Singapore from evening till night and showing the fireworks during National Day Parade Preview. The effects were well coordinated with the music and the creator (in my opinion), had done a wonderful job. Enjoy the video.

NDP Preview


Its Ethan’s first NDP Preview and he was looking forward to this event when I told him I got the tickets for him. I didn’t really know how I was going to manage Ethan since it was just the both of us going but I’m glad everything turn out well. Maybe, its because Ethan is older and more independent now, that’s why I didn’t face any problem managing him.

It was pretty hot and poor Ethan, he was actually having a fever after that. During the entire show, Ethan was treated to some of the national songs like Stand Up for Singapore and this year’s theme song, Song for Singapore by Corrinne May. Of course, since we are hosting the inaugural Youth Olympics Games, their mascots Lyo and Merly made a special appearance too and Ethan was singing to, “Oh yeah oh yeah oh yeah HEY!”

For this year’s NDP ,there is a mobile column display and a fantastic aerial display. I thought the aerial display was so much better than the one we saw during Singapore Airshow which I thought was a disappointment.

I thought the rest of performances itself were alright. But I especially like the lighting effects that were done to the facade of City Hall Building. It was simply beautiful.

For every National Day, the highlight would be the fireworks. Though there were more firing points this year, but from where I was at, I could only see the additional firing point at Pan Pacific Hotel and Suntec City. But what caught my eyes were the fireworks that came in the shape of the crescent and stars.

If we ever get the chance again, I’ll definitely bring Ethan to the next Parade. Once again, thank to Jacqueline for the tickets and for giving Ethan a chance to view the preview show.

Live our Dream, Fly our Flag


National Day is nearing us and what a better way to do it virtually is to display a flag in this blog itself. A movement started by one of my net friend/ neighbour, Nick Pan, flying a flag has never been much easier. This movement has its own official Facebook page too.

Live Our Dreams, Fly our Flag

So what are you waiting for? Save the image and start doing your part for National Day and fly the Singapore flag, virtually, I mean!

Drama king? Drama queen? You decide


11 year old these days speaks and express themselves very well these days. If you don’t believe me, watch the video below that shows a group of Primary 5 students who attended NDP NE Show recently and was interviewed by the organizer. In my opinion, it was good entertainment, really dramatic, I think more drama than anyone of us and he speaks really well. Oh by the way, he is quite an attention seeker, kept waving to the camera.

Electrico – What Do You See


Singapore will be celebrating her 44th birthday this Sunday at Marina Bay. Every year, there will be a local singer or band selected to sing the theme song. This year, Electrico was selected and actually, I don’t really know this local band at all and just knew that they were a 4 piece band previously.

Each year, there will be a English and Chinese version for the theme song and of course it meant that there will be 2 videos (1 in English and 1 in Chinese). Kelvin Tan is singing the Chinese version this year, but the weird thing is, he is nowhere in sight in the video. In the Chinese version, its still Electrico singing in English, dubbed in Chinese (if you know what I mean).