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Mission 2017


On 1 January, I started running and was thinking to myself, “Should I set a goal for myself this year?” Then I just randomly posted on my Instagram that perhaps I should try to attempt 2017km in 2017. Some of my friends then said that I should set it as my goal and soon it became a reality.

Almost 2 months on, I’ve ran more than 270km. I’ve tried running at different places to keep me going. I’ve been running at East Coast, Bedok Reservoir, Marina Bay and Macritchie. If you know of any other interesting places, do leave a comment.

With 10 months left, I’m not sure if I will hit 2017km but at least I know I’ve tried.

Sports Shoes

Bittersweet 2016


Was deciding whether to blog on 31 December on 1 January and decided to do so on 1 January 2017 (more appropriate to do a 2016 review since its officially over).

2016 has been a bittersweet year for me. I ran the most in 2016 and while I tried to keep fit maintain my weight, my body also sounded an alert and almost ran into a health scare. Through that episode, I’ve learnt that it is not about losing weight and not eating. It is about eating right, have appropriate food intake and exercising regularly. That is probably the best way to keep fit.

With less volunteering commitments, it also meant that I could spend more time with the family. I brought the children out for more outdoor activities, got to interact and understand them a little better. The best part, we countdown to 2017 together (1st time – better late than never).

It was also a year that got me to be wiser (I hope) and seeing things from a different perspective and not be fixated by mindset or existing practices.

I did not have time to travel this year and so I’m looking forward to my overseas trip in the coming months.

The image below pretty much sums up my bittersweet 2016 and thank you for your support across my various social media platforms. Let’s stay connected on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

The Year 2016

2015 in Summary


Its the first day of 2016 and this is probably the most appropriate to do a review 2015 post today since its officially over. The nine pictures which Instagram captured probably what’s on my mind and what I want to do.

I continued to spend time running, though I would say I’m less disciplined in 2015. Running continue to inspire me, an avenue to de-stress and brought me to places to see beautiful things, such as the sunset at Marina Bay. After 3 years, I’ve finally completed another half marathon and probably the last.

Throughout the year, I had the opportunity to travel and go around to try good food. I will continue to explore and will definitely bring that special someone with me during my exploration.

Family is finally a part which I got to spend more time with towards the end of 2015. The children are growing up and one by one, they are entering the formal education and that’s the time when they need the attention.

2015 is a year which I hit a reflection point. What I want to do, where I want to be, how I want things to be. There are exciting projects in 2016 and I’m definitely looking forward to it.

2015 in summary

Running and just keep running


I took part in the Standard Chartered Marathon last week and ran in the 21km event. This is probably my 4th 21km and possibly my last (I’m still thinking about it). The first 20km was still manageable with the water breaks at the various water points. I thought the most challenging part of the route was at the Telok Blangah Highway stretch, it was hot and like a never ending route.

In the last 1km at the Fullerton Hotel stretch, I had stitches followed by muscle cramp. There was a moment when I thought to myself, “Maybe I should just give up and forget about crossing the finishing line.” Then again, I’m already near the finishing, perhaps I should just move on. So I did and completed the run.

Completing the 21km run


After this run, I had the chance to change my sports shoes, one that had ran with me for 20 over months. This pair of shoes accompanied me to many places, many kilometres and the sweat and sorrow that we’ve been through were simply memorable. You may be thinking why sorrow? In recent months, running has become one avenue for me to get away from upsets and frustrations and I think its working well for me. I will miss this pair of shoes.

My sports shoes

The importance of listening


At every community event, I get to meet up with many people. Some people may come up and highlight certain issues. These issues are wide ranging, it could be something that affects them personally, improvement works which they think should be taken up or feedbacks. Personally, I enjoy such interactions. As I listen to each and every one of them, up in my mind, I’m thinking if something can be done, what can be done better or maybe there is already something which is available for them.

In a community, things move two ways. I will not be able to build and improve our precinct alone and I need people to come forward to tell me about it as I got to acknowledge that I may have missed out certain areas. Listening helps and listening will definitely help to make our precinct a better place to live in.

Over the last 3.5 years, I’ve received emails, Facebook messages or SMS and I hope more will come forward.

Interacting and Listening

Public speaking is not easy


Public speaking is never easy. Due to the nature of my job and more so for my volunteering projects, public speaking becomes one common thing which I have to do regularly. I recalled the first time I took on the role of emcee for an event, it was in fact a terrifying experience. Standing on stage got me to become quite conscious of myself. How I stand, what I say, the expression I have on my face, it all matters because being the only one up there speaking, somehow you become the focal point.

Whether you are prepared, it will all show when you are up on stage speaking. I’m glad to have a group of people who constantly give me pointers on what I should look out for, giving me feedback and telling me what I should improve on. Public speaking is not easy but I’m sure I will be able to do it well one day.

Speaking at an event

When we are young


I was attending a gathering when my friend, Holden passed me some previous editions of LIME Magazine. Guess who was on the cover, Spice Girls! I remembered during my younger days, I will go around magazine stands searching for magazines which the girls are featured, regardless whether it is a local or overseas magazine. I spend a considerable amount of my pocket money buying magazines as it is not cheap, especially the overseas one. These days due to space constraints, I’ve stopped doing so but I do keep my collection of magazines which the Spice Girls were in.

Spice Girls on LIME Magazine

We meet again after 20 years


It started with Facebook when I started to accept friend’s request from my primary school friends. Then it became a WhatsApp group and what happened next was a discussion and meet up after 20 years. We catch up for dinner and arranged for another separate meeting with one of our primary school teacher, Mr Koh.

Group photo

It was a good catch up session talking about our school days and discussing about what other are doing now too. Some of us are focusing on our career while others are on family. It was not easy to get everyone together but for a class of 44, we managed to get almost half to turn up for our first meet up. Time flew past and we have grown up and our teacher has aged. After 20 years, the heartening thing for me is that my teacher still remembers my name.

Hope to see everyone soon.

The Yellow Ribbon Run


These days, we’ve got so many run events in Singapore. Almost every month, on Twitter or on Facebook or somewhere on the Internet, I will get to know of a run event. Therefore, for me its time to be selective which run to participate in, its no longer about personal fitness but what we are running for. At certain run events, it has simply become too congested. There are simply too many people and some of these events have become rather commercial.

Earlier this year, I decided to participate in the Yellow Ribbon Run. Its actually the first time I’m taking part in this event and I feel that its running for a good cause. It was a run to support Prison’s Yellow Ribbon Project. The run route reflected the characteristics of the Yellow Ribbon Project and the difficulties which the ex-offenders face. The road ahead is never easy especially so when they may not be readily accepted by the society. They have to work hard to integrate, build trust and confidence with the people whom they meet with.

Yellow Ribbon Run

My next run will be the Singapore Airlines Charity Run on 2 November which is in support of the Community Chest.

We meet after 20 years


It was just a random Facebook post where my primary school friends started tagging each other. Then it moved on to a WhatsApp group and then it ended with a meet up the following week. Everything happened so suddenly. But it was a good meet up, a good catch up. Everyone has grown. We have grow to become more matured and more adventurous (for some) but somehow, we were still the same deep within.

Days later, we organised another meet up and this time we caught up with one of our primary school teacher who is 76 this year. I’m glad that he is still healthy and strong. Hopefully, we will be able to catch up with him more often.

Catch up with my teacher


The guys at @PictionarySG will kind enough to tweet me a Pictionary version of our group picture.

Pictionary Picture