Patrick Pang

Bittersweet 2016


Was deciding whether to blog on 31 December on 1 January and decided to do so on 1 January 2017 (more appropriate to do a 2016 review since its officially over).

2016 has been a bittersweet year for me. I ran the most in 2016 and while I tried to keep fit maintain my weight, my body also sounded an alert and almost ran into a health scare. Through that episode, I’ve learnt that it is not about losing weight and not eating. It is about eating right, have appropriate food intake and exercising regularly. That is probably the best way to keep fit.

With less volunteering commitments, it also meant that I could spend more time with the family. I brought the children out for more outdoor activities, got to interact and understand them a little better. The best part, we countdown to 2017 together (1st time – better late than never).

It was also a year that got me to be wiser (I hope) and seeing things from a different perspective and not be fixated by mindset or existing practices.

I did not have time to travel this year and so I’m looking forward to my overseas trip in the coming months.

The image below pretty much sums up my bittersweet 2016 and thank you for your support across my various social media platforms. Let’s stay connected on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

The Year 2016

My first fanpage – Spice Girls Asia


So before I started blogging and doing some online stuff, I actually started my having my online presence by creating my first and only fanpage, Spice Girls Asia. The idea of this fanpage came about after I started to learn how to create website in school. You may be thinking creating websites is such a simple things yet you are learning it in school? Well, at the start of the millennium, it seems like a big thing. I made use of all the stuff that I’ve learnt, html code, javascript, animated gifs etc. The website contains all information of the Spice Girls, from biography to discography and the latest updates about the girls. I run the fansite like a news site.

The website was hosted on several hosting sites such as Tripod and Geocities and eventually, I got a sponsorship from someone overseas to host and gave me a domain of my choice. So I chose The website was LIVE for 5 years when I finally decided to give up due to a few reasons.

1. Work – I was simply too busy at work to manage the website

2. Lack of updates – Its not about me not updating but there was simply no updates from the girls

3. Lack of support – I could not fund the website in terms of retaining the domain and hosting it.

The 5 years was probably one of the most enriching moments of my life and I’m happy that I ended that on a high note. Anyway, I’m still a Spice fan!

Screen Capture of Spice Girls Asia

LookBack 2012: Ethan prepares for Primary 1


2012 is definitely one stressful year for family as we prepare Ethan for Primary 1. How much to prepare? What to study? Registering for Primary 1! These are the questions and things that we were asking ourselves and doing. In 2012, we sent him to 3 enrichment centres for English, Chinese and Mathematics. It was definitely not easy for him as he got to attend the different classes and we continue to prepare him at home through reading.

In July, we completed his Primary 1 registration and tried to find out more about the primary school education. We attended the school orientation and realised that other than studying, there were other things which were supposed to look into such as the school bag, assessment books, pencil case and the list just go on and on. He visited his new classroom and he told me that he is excited and looking forward to school.

We wanted him to be more independent and decided that he should attend the childcare centre’s overnight camp. I thought this will be a good experience for him and it was. He coped well and enjoyed the entire camp.

As we watched him perform on stage during his graduation, many things were running through my mind. From a baby who were carrying in arms to a boy who will be entering into the next phase of his life, I’m looking forward to his

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future growing up years.

LookBack 2011: Family


Well in 2011, we did not see any new addition to the family and probably not from now on. Personally, I feel 3 is enough because its challenging to divide ourselves into 3 to spend quality time with all of them given our busy schedules.

In 2011, we focused on Ethan’s and Ezanne’s academic developments. Ezanne started attending childcare, at the same centre which Ethan is attending and over the past 9 months, we’ve seen the improvements that Ezanne has made. Ezanne now talks more and is more active and sociable. For Ethan, we started to put him on full day childcare on selected days. The idea was to prepare him for his Primary 1. Well you will say that its still early days but I thought, we can start preparing him progressively.

In addition to his childcare, we also started to bring Ethan for enrichment class and started with one on Saturdays. He is

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coping well now and we are seeing results.

As for Evan, he is now beginning to learn how to walk. He can converse with us in baby languages that we understand. I’m looking forward to his milestones in 2012.

I do hope that I can continue to spend more time to bond with the children and ensure that they have a memorable childhood.

LookBack 2011: Online


2011 is the year which I continued to further establish the brand name of myself as a blogger. In 2011, I realised that

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I had found a direction in blogging and probably finally found out the category that I’m in, Daddy Blogger. Blogging had given me many opportunities to experience on new things. It not just benefitted only me but my children too. I’ll like to thank the organizations and companies who had believed in me and invited me time and again to their activities. I hope you will not forget me in 2012 and remember, I’ll always be waiting for your invites.

Other than blogging, I’ve been quite involved in engaging the community through the use of social media. I’ve met many people and had a better understanding from them on what they actually look out for in the community. I’ve given a formal presentation on the use of social media in the community and had numerous sharing sessions. We learn a new thing everyday and I’m still learning and discovering new things from the experts too.

2011 had definitely been one of the most eventful year for me in my online expedition.

LookBack 2011: Community


In 2011, I’ve started to spend more time with the community. Every week, I’ll get to speak to many people, understand their living conditions and try to facilitate and improve their surroundings. It might not be something that is significant, but I thought, a small request that we have put through will help to change or improve their lives a little in one way or another. I’m beginning to adapt to my new lifestyle, not yet really public but one that everyone looked upon to solutions.

I’ve started to attend many events and received quite a number of invitations. Through the various events, I’ve got to know more people. In some events, I got to meet people who were less fortunate and begin to start cherish what I have with me, its not something that we should take it for granted but something that we should cherish. As a Chinese saying goes, “Good things doesn’t last forever”.

I’ve met up with people young and old and to me, the greatest achievement is not about what I’ve achieved personally, but the smiles and satisfaction that I see on their face. We look after the young, to nurture them for our future. We look after the old, to appreciate their hard work and things that we are enjoying it.

As I take on more responsibilities to look after my community, I hope one day, the people around me will not just give me a smile on

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their face but tell me what they are really proud of of their community.

The last entry for 2010


The time has come to bid farewell to 2010 and to welcome a brand new year, 2011. I shall not repeat what I’ve said but just say that it will be a year of anticipation. I love this picture I’ve taken and it just explains the feeling in me for the road ahead.

If I’ve to conclude 2010 with 1 word, it will be ENRICHING! What’s yours?

LookBack 2010: Its all about ME


Started 2010 with lot of anticipation as I was expecting quite a few stuff happening which will either directly or indirectly affect me. I challenged myself and cycled 32km, kayak 13km and trek for more than 40km. The result, a slimmer and more determine me. In 2011, I’m determine to continue with some of the physical activities that I’ve been doing and challenged myself even more.

There were ups and downs and 2010 ends with the greatest gift I get for Christmas and Birthday, the birth of Evan. Being a young dad is not easy especially when I’ve got to juggle between family, work, studies and community projects and to handle questions such as why I want children at such young age. All I want to say is that I enjoy what I’m doing now and I love to live in a big family environment.

Just before 2010 ends, I will say that I manage to do things that I’ve thought of doing previously and is quite satisfied with how things has happened.

I hope 2011 will be a better year and to celebrate this final entry of LookBack 2010, I’ve did a small video of myself to document the beautiful moments of my life.

LookBack 2010: My online presence


2010 is the year my online presence and somehow and somewhat improved. After more than 2 years of wait, I finally got the domain on 1 May 2010. In the same month itself, I managed to change my Twitter username to

Facebook, Twitter and Blog has brought me numerous opportunities to events as well as several freebies. I’ve got to meet fantastic people and learnt alot through these events. Here’s a list of events and freebies I’ve got this year.



I hope in 2011, I will continue to be motivated to blog and be invited to more events, after all, its really interesting to meet people from the different walks of life, to learn about social networking and to share blogging experience. It was through one of these sessions that I get to know that I’m in fact, a lifestyle blogger.

If you are on Twitter, remember to drop me a note and if you are reading this blog, remember to keep reading and leave a comment as well.

LookBack 2010: The children has grown up


Ethan turns 4 in 2010 and he never fails to surprise us. This was a year when Ethan tried and see many new things as well. He took on the role as a page boy for one of our cousin’s wedding and we were pretty worried initially as we were afraid that he might have stage fright. Surprisingly, he enjoyed every moment of it.

As Ethan turns 4, I organized 3 birthday parties for him at RWS, Auntie’s place and in school. Like I mentioned previously, Ethan had been celebrating his birthday in school for 3 years, but this is the first year that I’m celebrating it in school with him. I do hope to do this more often.

At the learning level, Ethan surprised us when he was able to write his own name during his developmental check up. As he grow, we were able to get into several pretty interesting conversations too. These conversations will either make you love him or hate him. If you are a parent yourself, you will know what I’m talking about. The year ended with an excellent performance put up by Ethan.  In 2011, Ethan will start embarking on a different learning journey and I hope he will be able to cope it well.

Ethan had the opportunity to visit my places too. For example, the NDP Preview and the SYOG rehearsals. He also had the chance to meet several of his favourite cartoon characters like Elmo, Big Bird, Buzz Lightyear and Woody!

Unlike Ethan, Ezanne is not an easy girl to handle. She doesn’t smile in front of the camera easily and is quite fussy with how things are done. She gave us the opportunity to do our first birthday celebration during Chinese New Year, I’ve never attended or did one before. Ezanne started blabbering when she was 1 and walking when she was 15 months.

As she was relatively younger, the places she visits are also pretty limited but we still try to bring her around like the zoo and Sesame Street show. But as she grows older, I’m sure we will bring her to more places. Now, she has slowly grown to become more independent. She will want to volunteer to help us and we observed that her favourite food is BREAD!

Ezanne will be going to school next year after the birth of Evan. I’m eager to find out how things will turn out.

As we approach the year end, we will welcome the arrival of Evan too.

In 2010, I’ve also created a Facebook fanpage for the children. This is where I document their day to day lives and sharing it with everyone. If you like them, go to their fan page and LIKE the page, not LIKE this post.