Patrick Pang

An active morning at Kaboodle


Fellow blogger, Claudia, arranged for a parent blogger get together and we gathered at Kaboodle at Big Splash, East Coast Park.

Ethan and Evan enjoying

Unlike other indoor playgrounds which have fixed stations, there isn’t “anything” at Kaboodle. What you see is just blue foam blocks which comes in different shapes and sizes. Children are free to explore and we will be able to see their creative side. For example, Ezanne used the foam blocks to build a house and decided to “live” in there by herself. As for Ethan and Evan, they used it to create aeroplane and a fortress.


Good things are worth sharing. I’m giving 5 passes to my blog readers. You simply need to comment in this blog post, leave your name and email address.

The ‘+’ Project Giveaway


In October, I’ve blogged about The ‘+’ Project by Philips, a project that aims to improve the lives of the people in the Asia Pacific Region. The ‘+’ focus on 3 main areas, Parenting and Family, Livable Cities, Aging and Access to Healthcare. Philips will work together with the community and other stakeholders, combining their expertise, innovation technology and funding to face these challenges and address health and well-being challenges in Singapore.

Now in its final stages, 5 ideas have been conceputalized and you can be part of this discuss, ideate and improve on the ideas created.  You can do so by visiting The + Project website. Once you are in the website, follow these steps;

1. Vote for the idea
2. Tell Philips why you like the idea and help to make it better
3. Repost your comment in this post

The contest ends on 7 December 2012 and stand a chance to win an attractive gift from Philips.