Patrick Pang

Tsum Tsum at Capitland Malls


Earlier this month, I attended the launch of Tsum Tsum (pronounced as “soom soom”) carnival at Plaza Singapura. The month long carnival will end on 2 April 2017 and will take place at various Capitaland Malls such as Bedok Mall, Tampines Mall, Bugis Plus, Bugis Junction and Raffles City.

Tsum Tsum at Capitaland Malls

The first Tsum Tsum roving parade also took place on the launch day where six two-meter-tall giant Tsum Tsum inflatables marched from Bugis Junction to Plaza Singapura. You can watch inflatables arriving at Plaza Singapura here -> Tsum Tsum Roving Parade

There are currently many activities organised at the different Capitaland malls. For the full list of Tsum-sational adventure, please visit Capitaland Mall website.

PlayLAH! Let’s Celebrate Chinese New Year 2017


Chinese New Year is coming. You may want to squeeze some time and bring your family to PlayLAH! Let’s Celebrate Chinese New Year 2017.

The event is organised by SingEx, PlayLAH! promises to be a carnival for the senses, where children of all ages can shout their favourite seasonal greeting as they slide down a thrilling 9 metre-high rooster slide or challenge themselves as they make their way through an 18-metre long bouncy obstacle course. There will be daily live performances on stage as well, which will introduce traditional performance arts such as Nanyin and Chinese dance to a whole new generation of Singaporeans.

Admission to PlayLAH! Let’s Celebrate Chinese New Year 2017 is free. You are encouraged to pre-register at to receive S$5 worth of credits for use at the event.

Event Banner

The Art & Science of Gems


Last week, we were invited to a blogger event at Art Science Museum, The Art & Science of Gems. In this exhibition, the adult will have the opportunity to admire the jewellery and the children will learn about the formation of minerals and gemstones.

We were lucky enough to catch the “A Day in the Life of a Mineralogist” workshop. At the workshop, the children were told how gem stones were formed and the different characteristics of the gem stones. They were able to feel and hold the different gem stones too.

Ezanne holding on to a gem stone


Evan was actually the most enthusiastic one. He readily raised his hand when the coordinator asked for a volunteer to examine the mineral and its properties. I’m not sure if he understood what was going on but I think it was a good experience for him. I got applaud the coordinator for being so patient with Evan and trying her best to simplify the explanations so that a 6-year-old understand what she was saying.

Evan exploring the mineral and its properties


There is one more session of the workshop and its happening on 24 June at 4.30pm. You will have to register 15 minutes before the workshop begins.

If you missed the workshop, you can still visit the exhibition which is held at the Art Science Museum till 14 August. You can also find out more information of the exhibition at its website.

Our Family Photo – 2014 Edition


The 2014 Family Photo was our 7th one and this year, we decided to engage the same photographer, Ryan, from Orange Studios since we were quite comfortable with him and the pictures that we took were quite good. But this year, we chose to go for an outdoor shoot as we did quite a number indoor shoot and decided that we need a change. The location, Botanic Gardens.

During the photoshoot, I decided to take some behind-the-scenes shots and document some of these processes. The children enjoyed the session and for Ethan, it has become one of his favourite outdoor activity. He was once asked in school what is his favourite family outdoor activity and he said, FAMILY PHOTOSHOOT.

The E's During The Photoshoot

We love the greens at the Botanic Gardens and the children were excited when they see the ducks and swans. It is important that while we document the growth of our children, we must document it in a fun way. One where the children enjoy themselves.

Our Family Photo - 2014 Edition


This is a family tradition that will continue on and on and on.

The Yellow Ribbon Run


These days, we’ve got so many run events in Singapore. Almost every month, on Twitter or on Facebook or somewhere on the Internet, I will get to know of a run event. Therefore, for me its time to be selective which run to participate in, its no longer about personal fitness but what we are running for. At certain run events, it has simply become too congested. There are simply too many people and some of these events have become rather commercial.

Earlier this year, I decided to participate in the Yellow Ribbon Run. Its actually the first time I’m taking part in this event and I feel that its running for a good cause. It was a run to support Prison’s Yellow Ribbon Project. The run route reflected the characteristics of the Yellow Ribbon Project and the difficulties which the ex-offenders face. The road ahead is never easy especially so when they may not be readily accepted by the society. They have to work hard to integrate, build trust and confidence with the people whom they meet with.

Yellow Ribbon Run

My next run will be the Singapore Airlines Charity Run on 2 November which is in support of the Community Chest.

Singapore Night Festival 2014


The Singapore Night Festival have been going on for a number of years but this is the first time I’m visiting it. This year’s theme is Bold and Beautiful.

One example is the Divine Tree. A bold idea which turns out to be a beautiful creation. The installation, Divine Trees, is a work by renowned French artist- photographer Clément Briend. He overlays trees with haunting mirages of divine figures highly revered in Asian culture, creating the illusion of awakened deities towering over passers-by. These images had the 3D effect which I always think that the tree were trimmed just for the installation. But like one of my friend mentioned, “Do you think NParks will allow them to trim the trees for this purpose?” I checked with the NHB representative and was told that the trees were not trimmed but in fact, the artist had tried many times before achieving what it is. There are 8 of them so if you are at the National Museum and vicinity, go find them.

Divine TreeNext was the Stop and Smell The Flowers. This is a light installation that aims to remind the audience of the importance of slowing down to appreciate the small things in life. Deliberately positioned in the centre of a walkway, against human traffic, the installation disrupts the hurried pace of passersby. You can find this installation outside SMU. Did you see what I see?

Stop and Smell The FlowersLast but not least, you definitely should not miss out on the Singapore Pro Wrestlers. They will be appearing on 29 and 30 August at 10.15pm and 11.15pm along Armenian Street. In case you are wondering, yes, the roads are closed for the wrestlers.

With the Singapore Pro Wrestlers

Tempted to visit the Singapore Night Festival now? There is more than what I’ve recommended here. So visit the website for more details.

Children’s Season at Police Heritage Centre


This year, the children participated at the Children’s Season for the first time and the place that they visited was the Police Heritage Centre.

Before the tour starts, the children had an opportunity to be in the Police uniform and take a picture. This was probably the children’s favourite part of the tour as they got excited into wearing the uniform.

The children in Police uniform

After the photo session, it was time to bring them for a tour at the Police Heritage Centre. The knowledgeable guide shared with the children a brief history of the Police. The children got to learn about how the the Police control traffic in the early days and a little more about the “Ang Chia”. After that, they also tried to operate a Police Coast Guard craft.

The entire tour was about 30 minutes and the children enjoyed themselves.


Rush Me Not Art Studio


The children got an opportunity to visit Rush Me Not Art Studio on last Sunday for a day workshop. The children got an opportunity to design a Tote bag each. First, they got to select a design they want and with the help of the instructor, they started to trace the design on the bag itself. One good thing I like about this art studio is its teacher to children ratio. According to the centre in-charge, the maximum number of students they have for a class is between 6 to 8 children.


We left the children in the good hands of the instructor who was patient with the 3 of them. Evan initially did not like the idea being left alone with his brother and sister but he quickly got used to it after being comforted by the instructor. The paint used are imported from Canada. Although its an arts workshop, they were also taught about being independent. For example, Evan had to dry his own bag (under the supervision of the instructor).

Evan drying the paint

The children enjoyed the entire session and I attribute this to the instructors who are able to communicate effectively with the children. The children love their art pieces and wanted to go back for more.

The children with their art pieces

We are now offering our readers an opportunity for a free trial class at Rush Me Not Art Studio located at 195A East Coast Road (near Boon Tiong Kee). You just have to quote the code, 3E when call them (Tel: 63488608) to book for a trial class. Sign up for the Sunday Workshops and get $20 off the workshop fees of $180. The workshops will be conducted over 2 consecutive Sundays for 2 or 2.5 hours each time.

Sunday Specials

A picture with the grandparents


Since young, grandparents played an important role in the growing up years for Ethan, Ezanne and Evan. While we are busy at work, grandparents step in and take on the caretaker role, bringing them to school, feeding them and getting them to bed. I will say that the children are quite close to their grandparents and will usually share some of their thoughts with them. For example like Ethan, he will sometimes share with his grandfather what happens at school, Ezanne will talk to her grandmother and engage in some girls talk while Evan, will try to be the cheeky one and try to entertain his grandparents (though he can be quite difficult to manage at times).

Recently, we brought the children to Gardens By The Bay and while we were busy taking pictures with the children, Ethan suggested that his grandparents should be in the picture too and wanted to take a photo with them. He tried many times to get them into the picture, but his grandfather declined. Then he came up with this amazing idea of holding on to his grandfather and pulled him over and get his grandmother in too. While he got everyone in, Ezanne decided to be the one decide on the positioning.

The picture, I thought it was a heartwarming one. Family bonds is something that is important and it always start from young.

Ethan and Ezanne with their grandparents

Ufamily Mega Dance


We attended the Ufamily Mega Dance last year at Resorts World Sentosa and the kids didn’t quite enjoy it as it was just dance and they did not have the energy to dance throughout the night. This year, we were happy to be invited by Ufamily again to attend the event. This year, I thought the location at Azzura was a change and so we decided to attend again.

Ethan and Evan

Other than having the dance area, the children also got to swim and there were quite a number of fringe activities as well. For example, we got to take a family photo using the props provided.

Our family photo

Overall, I thought the event was fun for the kids but it will be more interesting if the organisers can incorporate some kiddy songs to get the children in the mood to dance.