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Scooting Around


After many many requests, I’ve decided to buy  Ethan, Ezanne and Evan each a scooter. As easy as it may seem, its actually quite challenging to scoot as the children had to try to balance themselves while moving around.

Ethan, Ezanne and Evan with their scooter


It is pretty obvious that the children are enjoying themselves as they have made repeated requests week after week for scooting session. They are also very willing to do anything just to scoot. For example, Evan was able to wake himself up early on a Saturday morning just to get me to bring him to scoot.

Evan with his scooter


As a father, I think its heartening to see our children being able to learn fast, to be able to balance and scoot on their own.

Ninjago Bootcamp at VivoCity


It’s the PSLE marking season and the children had 4 days off. While they were busy preparing for their year end examinations, it is also important for them to squeeze some time out to play. In preparation for a new Ninjago Ride, Legoland Malaysia organised a Ninjago Bootcamp where children will go through challenging and fun training zones structured around Strength, Focus, and Speed that will get them Ninjago-ready!

At the Focus Zone, the children will have to concentrate and do some colouring work.

Ethan at the Focus Zone


The children then moved on to the Speed Zone where they had a to fixed a ninja lego in a limited time.

Ezanne at the Speed Zone


Finally at the Strength zone, they will learn some skills from the Ninja master.

The children at the Strength Zone




Each session will take approximately 90 minutes. The bootcamp is open to the public at the outdoor area outside VivoCity and will end on 23 October.

Sunday at East Coast Park


Visiting East Coast Park on a Sunday can be quite a terror joy. It can get quite crowded but its only when there are people you get to see some interesting stuff. We got ourselves a family bicycle which the 5 of us took to travel from Marine Cove to Bedok Jetty and back. We had some fun cycling, chatting and catching Pokemons.

Children saying HELLO

As we moved on, we came across a beach wedding. The children were wow-ed by what they see because they’ve not attended one before and it was the first time they witnessed one.


As we return back to the bicycle rental shop, we saw a group of people congregating. We walked up and saw a bubble show.

Bubbles everywhere

We spent about close to 3 hours at the park and the children said they will be back!

Being more involved… As a dad again.


I’ve been so involved volunteering and working during the growing up years of my children that somehow I feel I’ve missed the most important part of their life. It is something which money can’t buy and we can never turn back time to experience those moments again. It is through the many episodes that I feel its best for me to slow things down.

These days, after deciding cut down on my volunteering commitments, I was able to squeeze more time to spend with the children. While I still need to find some “me” time for myself, I would try to bring them out even when mummy is not available. The activities that we go through together definitely helps to bond us closer. For example, I would try to bring them for outdoor activities, go out for a meal and even start planning for more activities. Our trekking at Bukit Timah Hill was one of those activities which I manage to plan and I was definitely happy when I learn from the children that they enjoyed themselves.

During these activities, it is perhaps the best time for me to better understand my children and explained to them the reasons for doing certain things. We learn new things everyday and I’m learning to be a better dad each day.

The children and me

Climbing Up Bukit Timah Hill


It was a public holiday and we woke up bright and early and traveled to Bukit Timah Hill for a morning workout. We were not quite sure how things will turn out – Whether we will complete and reach the summit or the children will complain and give up mid-way.

Before we started climbing

The start was the most difficult because it is the steepest. Surprisingly, the children did not complain and climbed up on their own. Along the way, they see the tall tress and were impressed with the size. Looking to the left and right to observe what they see and wondering what’s beyond the forested areas.

On the way up to the summit

Along the way, we heard thunder but decided to go on. Then we came to a point when we need to make a difficult decision. We came across the signage that says we can either take the Summit Step which is approximately 150m or the main road which is approximately 540m to the summit. The younger ones, Ezanne and Evan, shouted and said that we should take the steps as it would be faster. Ethan was the only one who suggested that we should take the main road. In the end, we decided to take the main road because it is more gradual and less tiring.



After 45 minutes, we finally reached the summit. The children did not show any sign of tiredness although they woke up early to visit the Bukit Timah Hill. They were still quite energetic. When we were on our way back, I asked the children if they wanted to return again and their answer was a resounding YES! I’m quite sure we will be back again.

The children at the summit

Climbing – An activity to rediscover our kids


The children scream and shout and plays around at the playground. But when it comes to the real thing, climbing really high up, we realised that they were actually afraid of heights and did not have the confidence to do it.

We brought Ethan, Ezanne and Evan to Climb Central at Kallang Wave and all of them pretty much looked forward to it. They went through the briefing, put on the harness and was ready to rock and roll. They were quite interested and was figuring out how to climb up.

Ethan, Ezanne and Evan climbing up


After a few steps up, Evan said, “Ah, I don’t have any strength to do it anymore.” Then Ezanne didn’t even dare to go up any further probably after 5 steps up. We were quite surprised with Ezanne’s reaction given that she has quite a strong character and we thought she would be quite confident in doing anything and everything. Her reaction when she looked down, “Cannot, I say cannot!” As for Ethan, he didn’t want to move up any further because he was contented with where he was. We had to keep pushing him before he decides to climb even higher.

Its quite interesting how we manage to re-discover our children once again through an activity.

Folding Paper Boats


The children spent about 5 hours in school, 5 days a week. As much as my parents were curious of what I do and how I spend my day in school, I’m equally as interested to find out what my children are doing too. Once in awhile, they would tell me about some incidents they encounter, like how the friends misbehave and the jokes the teachers told them about. But on the other hand, they would also bring back what the friends taught them about, its about sharing.

I went home one day and saw many paper boats. I asked Ethan and he told me that Ezanne did it for him (it came with a boat ID too). All of them were quite excited about it and Evan also requested a few “boats” from his sister. I chatted with Ezanne and she said that her friend taught her how to do it. Ezanne was thoughtful enough to learn new skills and bring it back home to share it with her brothers. I’m looking forward to find out from them what they’ve learnt in school and to get them to teach us!

Follow the growing up year of Ethan, Ezanne and Evan at their Facebook page.

Folding Paper Boats

A Week In The Life Of A Blogging Dad


A Blogging Dad


It is 24 April and its now my turn to share with you  a week in life of a blogging dad. Here’s a quick introduction of myself, I’m a father of 3, 2 boys and 1 girl (Ethan.Ezanne.Evan), full time working dad and volunteers whenever I can. I wouldn’t give you a day by day account but rather gives you an overview of what usually happen within the week.

On weekdays, we start our day at about 6.30am, sending Ethan to school. The first thing that we see each day is the sunrise. On a clear day, we could see commercial planes taking off or landing at Changi Airport and this is something which we appreciate.



After sending Ethan to school, the wife and I will go for our daily breakfast. It is a time when we catch up with each other, explore our interesting hawker culture and the good food that we have missed.

The Wife and Me


Our first topic of the day is always, “What do you want to eat today?” So we will have noodles, prata, pancakes, so on and so forth.

Sumptuous breakfast


After breakfast, its time to work. So I will spend about 10 hrs a day at the office. In between, I’ll call home and talk to the girl before she goes to school and wait for the boy to call when he comes back.

After work, its dinner and followed by a run. I’ll try to run at least 3 times a week. Running helps me to de-stress.

Weekly Exercise


On weekend, its usually sending the children to enrichment centres for their classes. But it is not just work and no play. We will play UNO or try to find different activities, such as growing longans.

Time for UNO


Boring dad? I think so. But no matter how boring I am, I think I still have some interesting things in life that are worth sharing. So, do follow me on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and if you have some space left, like my children’s page too!

Different Studying Styles


As the children grow older, we slowly see the difference in them, their character, attitude and many other things.

2 months after school re-opened, we observed the children’s attitude towards school. Our eldest son, Ethan needs “pushing”. He can be hardworking but is quite forgetful and needs lots of reminders. During one of my conversation with his teachers, I realized that we need to take a softer approach with Ethan. This means that we should not be too fierce and should give him loads of encouragement. This new approach worked and these days he has been performing better.

We are not sure if it is the middle child syndrome but Ezanne has been rather competitive. When we talked to her, she would always share with us that she is doing better than Friend A and is unhappy when she is doing not as good as Friend B. We don’t really need to ask her to read a book or do some revision, in fact, she will take initiative and start doing things on her own. We will have regular chats and tell her to take things slowly.

For Evan, it is still early days but we will probably have to observe and see how to manage him. At the moment, he is still enjoying himself.

Evan, Ethan, Ezanne


Playing the Rubix Cube


Ethan has always enjoyed playing with his Rubix cube. It was through our conversation that I discovered that he actually keep the rubix cube in school (under his table) and will take it out to play as and when there are free time.

He had been exploring and trying to create different patterns and design. Once, he came to me and showed me a letter “T” which he created.

A letter "T"

Then the next time round, he shared with me that he could actually create a flower. I was quite curious and asked him to show it to me.

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These are just some of the ways which the children do to keep themselves occupied and to minimise playing with gadgets like the iPhone or iPad.