Patrick Pang

Our Chinese New Year #OOTD


Chinese New Year is a time when we take the opportunity to pamper ourselves and buy new clothes. We see our relatives and friends frequently but somehow, we always dressed better than usual during Chinese New Year.

On the first day of Chinese New Year, I had a 3/4 sleeve shirt and pants. As for Ethan, it was a short sleeve shirt and pants.

Ethan and Me. Our #OOTD

On the second day of Chinese New Year, we decided to get a uniform attire. So all of us, including my dad, mom and brother, dressed in the same T-Shirt. So we had Grandpa, Grandma, Father, Mother, Boys and Girl. In the past, only the 5 of us had the same attire but this year, my parents were quite sporty and join in too.

Our family T-Shirt


Now I’m thinking what should we wear next year?

The most HUAT Chinese New Year


15 days past and Chinese New Year 2014 is officially over. In conclusion, I think this is the most HUAT Chinese New Year ever although I’ve yet to feel the effect yet. But it feels really good to be able to get up close and personal with 2 God of Fortune. One was during the Lunar New Year Dinner while the other was during the walkabout. For the first God of Fortune, I didn’t quite expect to get close to it, but well, I managed to.

With the God of Fortune

But probably the best picture that I’ve taken was a family photo with the God of Fortune and my Advisor.

Family photo with the God of Fortune and Advisor

Looking forward to a HUAT Horse year ahead.

Places that we visit during Chinese New Year


Other than visiting our relatives during Chinese New Year, we will usually take the opportunity to visit some places of interest. On Chinese New Year Eve, after 12 midnight, we will visit the Kwan Im Thong Hood Cho Temple at Waterloo Street. This year, the temple seems a little bit more crowded.

At the entrance of the temple

The second place that we will visit is the River Hongbao. Each year, the Marina Bay Floating Platform is lighted up with interesting lanterns and the highlight of the event is the God of Fortune.

God of Fortune

One other location that we visited this year was Gardens By The Bay. This year, Gardens By The Bay presented the Year of the Horse Floral Display at the Flower Dome. The children were fascinated with the flowers and enjoyed viewing the floral display.

Year of the Horse Floral Display

Chinese New Year Eve is when we gather


Chinese New Year Eve is when we gather together with our family members. Its been awhile since I last see my nephew Asher and I got to meet up with him again on Chinese New Year Eve.

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Surprisingly, I carried him and played with him and was not a stranger to him at all. We even took a #selfie together with Evan.

#selfie with Evan and Asher

And on Chinese New Year Eve, we will all gather to have our reunion dinner. This is a time when we will all squeezed together on one table (the same table which we usually have our dinner) and have our meal

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together. And our dinner ended with the Lo Hei where I tried to squeeze everyone in the picture.

Lo Hei with the family

Preparations for Chinese New Year


Every year, nearing Chinese New Year,  we will be busy preparing for it. Weeks before, we will have to shop for new clothes for the new year. Its not just for the adults but the children too. This is the time when we find an excuse for ourselves to buy lots of new clothes for everyone.

Shopping for new clothes

Then, we will also have to go for haircut. This is the time when there are no discounts and only Chinese New Year surcharge.

Time for haircut

And finally, we have to visit Chinatown for the annual bazaar and join the crowd to soak into the festive spirits and buy all the Chinese New Year goodies that we need.

Visiting Chinatown

Evan’s first visit to the nursery


Chinese New Year is round the corner and every year, we will visit the

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nursery to buy Chinese New Year plants. Usually, I will be the one going with my dad to buy, but as the children grow, one by one, had been following us to the

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This year, its Evans first visit to the nursery and Ezanne was with him during the visit.

Evan's first visit to the nursery

Evan was quite fascinated with the pots of flowers that he see. When both Evan and Ezanne saw the sunflower, Ezanne immediately told him, “This is the bee’s home!”

Ezanne and Evan fascinated with the sunflower

For 2014, I hope to bring the children out to more outdoor places, to see the plants and learn more about nature.

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I’m sure they will enjoy it.

Lion Dance


Chinese New Year celebrations will not be complete if we do not see any lion dance performances. It was just a weekend and Ethan kept asking why he didn’t get a chance to see any lion dance performances yet. Fortunately, we came across one at a supermarket. Ethan was so excited about it as he got some sweets and tidbits during the performances.

Lion Dance Performance

As he was going for his enrichment class, he asked us if he could get permission from his enrichment class teacher to watch the performances. The boy actually went to ask the teacher and the answer he got was a firm NO.

The next day we brought him to another lion dance performance. The children are so enthusiastic with lion dance that the 3 of them had sort of formed their own group at home.

Lion Dance Performance

Sentosa Flowers…


Our 3rd day of Chinese New Year was

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spent on visiting our relatives and the Sentosa Flowers at Palawan Beach. As far as I can remember, this is probably the first time Sentosa is having the annual flowers display at the beach and charging for viewing it. Previously, this event was held at Imbiah Lookout and there isn’t any admission charges.

I thought it was rather nice for the event organizers to block off a big area for the event since there will be more displays and more space for people to walk around.

Flowers Display

As we walk around, I realised that probably there could be more flowers model display although I observed there were lots of flowers around and the organizers made effort to beautify the Palawan Beach vicinity with Chinese New Year flowers.


And what I like was the sand sculpture and thought probably the organizer could have tap on the sand and have more sand sculpture. I enjoyed the snake sand sculpture.

Snake Sand Sculpture

After this, I will be looking forward to next year Sentosa Flowers.

Its Chinese New Year


The clock strikes twelve and its Chinese New Year. The first thing that we do is usually to visit the temple and pray for a good year ahead. For me, its a yearly thing to visit the Kwan Im Thong Hood Cho Temple at Waterloo Street and every year, its always really crowded.

Kwan Im Thong Hood Cho Temple

Depending on time, we will try to visit Chinatown. This year, we managed to make it to Chinatown. We still remember last year that we didn’t manage to visit due to the rain. It was approximately 2am when reached Chinatown and this was the time when most of the Chinese New Year items are slashed to crazy prices and many people are trying to take the opportunity to grab good bargains. I like to soak into the festive atmosphere.

Chinatown at 2am

After Chinatown, it was time to take a break before we start our visiting. Just before we started visiting, its time to take a family photo again.

Our family photo

Chinese New Year Eve


Once again its the Chinese New Year and each year, it gets more exciting. We started our day with prayers for our ancestors. We got a suckling pig and Ethan and Ezanne volunteered to carry it. I was really happy to see the teamwork between the both of them.

Ethan and Ezanne with the suckling pig

After the prayers, we had our reunion dinner in the evening. Did you know that this is the first time we had a group shot for our reunion dinner and we will definitely have many more to come.

Our Reunion Dinner Group Shot

As usual, after the dinner, we headed back home and I went for a car wash. Some were surprised after I’ve tweeted but there is indeed a new price list for Chinese New Year. I guess, its a way of recognizing the hard work of the people who are working even on Chinese New Year Eve.

Car Wash

Wishing everyone Happy Lunar New.