Patrick Pang

Hello Kitty Orchid Garden Cafe at Terminal 3


We queued for about 2 hours before entering the restaurant. The children were somehow excited and when we looked at the menu, the first thing that came to our mind was “How should we go about ordering it?” It’s not about what food to eat, but how do we put it across our order. For example, we had nachos, fries, sandwiches and spaghetti and if you were to order based on the menu, it would be the following;

a. Nachos – Hola Nachos
b. Fries – Oops Kitty Did It Again!
c. Sandwiches – Let’s Do The Salsa
d. Spaghetti – Land of the Rising Kitty

On the presentation of the food, I wouldn’t say that they were perfect but the children were quite excited with what they see. As for the adults, we were alittle disappointed. The food isn’t that fantastic but its still acceptable.

Evan with his hot chocolate

Ezanne with the Nachos

Other than food, there are 2 spots within the restaurant for diners to take pictures.

Group photo

In conclusion, its not worth the visit if you are going for food but if you want to explore, then you may want to fill up your stomach before going.

Hello Kitty Orchid Garden Café is located at Terminal 3, Singapore Changi Airport, Arrival Meeting Hall Central #01-22 and its opened 24 hours.

It’s time for M&M


Sometimes, when we see something interesting, we will try to ask our children to take a picture, be it a scenery, a mascot or an object. But very often, you will realise that when they are taking such pictures, they just doesn’t seem to be too excited or interested at all, probably because its something which they don’t really like and they are kinda of “forced” to do it.

Last Saturday, we were at the airport when we came across the candy shop and Ethan suggested that they wanted to take a picture with the M&M model. Very quickly, Ezanne and Evan got influenced and they went into position and started posing. Somehow after taking that picture, I observed from the shot that it was a fun and heart warming one. I don’t really know how to explain how I feel, but if you’ve seen the pictures which they have taken previously, you will know what I mean.

Ethan, Ezanne and Evan with M&M


Follow the growing up years of Ethan, Ezanne and Evan at their Facebook page.

SpongeBob comes to Changi


Its the Christmas season and each year, Changi Airport brings a set of cartoon characters closer to its visitors. This year, its SpongeBob Squarepants. When you reach Terminal 3, you will be greeted by Asia’ Largest Pineapple House for SpongeBob.

Asia's Largest Pineapple House

Step into Pineapple House and you will be able to see SpongeBob room and just beside the Pineapple House, you can even send a letter to Santa.

Inside the Pineapple House

While Pineapple House is located at Terminal 3 Public Area, the Spongebob characters can be found in all 3 terminals public and transit areas.

With Spongebob
From now till 5 Jan, the children will also get to play on the biggest SpongeBob SquarePants Super Bouncy Playground in Singapore at Terminal 3’s Departure Hall, where kids can take a tumble in the Krusty Krab Ball Pit, challenge themselves in the Pineapple House Maze and cruise their way down giant bouncy slides. This was probably one of the most exciting section that the children enjoyed the most.

You can also take home a plush toy at S$3 when they spend S$60 (S$120 for supermarkets). Collect a new character each week. Transit area: Spend S$150 and get any plush toy at S$3. Choose from six characters. The children got for themselves a SpongeBob and Patrick the Starfish.

The best time is FAMILY TIME


These days, the only day that I’m looking forward to is Saturday. Its a day which I get to spend some quality time with the children. The maid has

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returned home and it means we will have to do things on our own. Somehow, I felt that when the maid was around, we relied heavily on her and we had missed out on the family bonding time and left the task of looking after the children to her. When she is not around, it means its time for us to take over.

We were at the airport last evening and after dinner, we brought the children to their favourite playground.When I stepped into the place, I asked myself, “When was the last time I played with my children?” I could not remember. But running around with them and seeing the happy faces just makes me feel alittle guilty and wanted to do more.

I guess the best time is family time. It is a time when we forget about the worries and troubles that we have. It is a time when we behave like kid and play with our children and forge closer bond with them.

Family Time

Are we going to be the next millionaire?



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has reached a point when he just keep asking question after question. For the things that we have done or will be doing, he will be observing and after some time, he will start shooting us with questions. Last Saturday, we were at Changi Airport and both of us were queuing up to play the Next Changi Millionaire. In the queue, he just kept asking, “Are we winning a million dollars?” I politely told him that I hoped we will win something.

Unfortunately, we did not win anything and after the game he asked, “Where’s the million dollars?”

I guess most of us wants to be a millionaire. Enjoy this song by Travie McCoy (feat. Bruno Mars), Billionaire and I hope one day we will be one!

Its Mum’s Birthday


Once again, we are celebrating Mum’s birthday and this year, we’ve got

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Evan as an addition to this celebration. Just before we left for dinner, we had a birthday cake cutting session at home.

Like all the cake cutting sessions that we had, Ethan and Ezanne were always excited about it, singing the birthday song in English and Chinese and eagerly waiting for the moment, blowing the candles and cutting the cake. A little commotion happened during the cake cutting portion.

Last year, we had Mum’s birthday dinner at Seafood Paradise at Singapore Flyer. This year, we had Mum’s birthday dinner at Seafood Paradise too. But its at their newly opened restaurant at Terminal 2. The staff were friendly, they were not stingy on their servings and the restaurant was still quite spacious, at least, I could still maneuver the pram within the restaurant. Since the staff is friendly, I’ve requested them to help us take a family photo.

I know mum and dad enjoyed themselves. At least there wasn’t any negative complaints except for over-ordering the food. At least, I think this is the least that I can do for them.

Changi Airport – A great place for family (Part 5)


After lunch, we headed to Let’s Play @ Changi which was a month long activity that Changi Airport Group organized.

Just before the children starts their 8 minutes of play, they were brief by the operators on some of the safety precautions, but seriously, I’m not too sure if the children understand or were even listening. But looking at the pictures, I guess they were.

After the briefing, the children dash onto the giant inflatable playground.

8 minutes later, we proceeded to Basement 2 where the children got their hands dirty doing sand art. I’m quite surprised that there is such a place at the airport for the children, probably because it was “hiding” at a corner, it just need to be more visible.

Ethan and Ezanne listened attentively to the instructions and started working on it.

When we thought that this was almost the end of the tour. We were surely wrong. Ethan had the chance to take the slide from B2 to B3 and zoom he went. Just before we went for our last activity of the day, the children were treated to candies which was sponsored by Candy Empire. Basically, they can take anything they want and how much they want.

Finally, the children were brought to Singkids Playsystem. Singkids Playsystem imports their equipments from Japan and are all patent, which means you will not see any imitation or expect any imitation from elsewhere. This was actually one of the places that both Ethan and Ezanne very much.

6 hours of non stop fun. We will like to take the opportunity to thank Changi Airport Group for organizing the event and sponsors, Candy Empire, Singkids Playsystem, Kid’s Painting Corner and Hard Rock Cafe for making it so memorable for us and for the children.

Changi Airport – A great place for family (Part 4)


Just before lunch, we visited the butterfly park which Ethan is always fascinated with the butterflies he sees during his visit. He also tried taking a photo of the butterfly.

After the butterfly park, our friends from Changi Airport Group arranged for the children to feed the kois. Ethan and Ezanne definitely enjoyed feeding.

While we were waiting for others, we came across one of the world’s largest plasma screen, 103 inch to be exact and a comfortable sofa area for transit passengers to relax and enjoy great shows.

This sofa area is so comfortable that all

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of them (Mummy, Ethan and Ezanne) decided to take a break.

After the break, it was time for lunch which was served by Hard Rock Cafe.

The staff at Hard Rock Cafe were kind enough to sponsor lunch and free t-shirts for the children. Personally, I thought their hospitality was good. Lunch time was also a good time to interact with Changi Airport Group staff and to recharge ourselves for the physical activity which was planned after that.

Changi Airport – A great place for family (Part 3)


While we were on our way to our next stop, we stopped at a koi pond and Ethan, Ezanne and the children were fascinated by the kois that they see.

After hanging around at the koi pond, the children went to a corner to do colouring.

Other than colouring, I discovered that Ethan loves drawing.

The children loves the colouring since there were ample supplies of crayons and papers. But good things always come to an end very quickly. We took the monorail and very soon, we were heading towards Terminal 3 for more surprises.

Changi Airport – A great place for the family (Part 2)


Our next stop after Family Zone was the Sunflower Garden.

Sunflower Garden is located at the Transit area of Terminal 2 and gives passengers an excellent view of the airport runway, see the aeroplanes and hear the sounds of the engine of the aeroplanes. Luckily, it was a not a very hot day, else I think the children will want to go into a sheltered area very quickly.

If you have a chance to visit, the sunflowers are definitely a must see.

Just when we were moving on to our next stop, I saw a Jam Studio at the airport!

We didn’t had a chance to

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try that though, probably not really suitable for the children.