Patrick Pang

Leng Leng Ice Cream


At a quiet corner in Eunos, you will find a nice corner to chill and enjoy ice-cream. Visited Leng Leng Ice Cream on a rainy Saturday afternoon. Despite the cold weather, the warm hospitality definitely helped. I ordered the Sugee Waffle with Thai Ice Tea ice cream. The Sugee Waffle batter are homemade and Auntie Leng even came to us and asked whether we like it. Told her the waffle was alittle too thick and hard and she said she will fine tune it.

The ice cream was good as it wasn’t too sweet, suitable for people like me who doesn’t like sweet stuff.

Leng Leng Ice Cream


The waffles also come with some childhood favourite like chocolate roll etc. Leng Leng Ice Cream is located at 116 Changi Road #01-11, Singapore 419718. Do check them out.

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