Patrick Pang

Seng Huat Coffee House


I don’t usually venture out of my usual neighbourhood to explore coffeeshops but when I chanced upon a photo uploaded on my friend’s Instagram, I decided to give it a try.

If you are living in the Northeast and has always think that there isn’t anything interest, you may want to think again. Seng Huat Coffee House, located at Hougang Central, not only serve the common chicken rice and economic bee hoon, but also has a drink stall that sells Pork Buns.

Seng Huat


These are not ordinary pork buns. These pork buns are served with mayo and cheese (remember to tell the staff you want chilli sauce when ordering) and the buns comes in the form of a pig. The pork bun are sold at $3.50 each and $4.80 if you order a breakfast set (which will include a drink and 2 eggs). The “eyes” are raisin so perhaps or maybe, you can say that its a raisin bun?

Pork Bun for Breakfast


We feel that its worth traveling to give it a try but be prepared to wait for awhile longer as there is usually a queue and limited seats around.

Seng Huat Coffee House is located at Blk 811 Housing Central, #01-2016.

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