Patrick Pang

What is Passion? Will it keep you motivated?


I checked the dictionary, love aside, the other meaning for passion is “a strong or extravagant fondness, enthusiasm, or desire for anything”. Once, I spoke to a friend about what we want to achieve in life, my friend told me that as long as you’ve got the passion, its probably going to keep you going. If you’ve got the passion to do something, will you even think about the achievements that may or may not come?

Personally, I was puzzled. I’m puzzled because I’m not sure how long the flame of passion will be kept alive without any motivators. While I feel that you must enjoy and be happy about¬†what you are doing (which is important), I would like to draw to the analogy of driving a car, the passion needs re-fueling from time to time. You may be passionate about something, work hard for it but faced with persistent challenges, will you give up without any motivators or will you continue to work on it?

Perhaps, someone can share with me what passion is all about and whether it will always help you to stay motivated.



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