Patrick Pang

A Paradigm Shift To Our Education System


I took some time to read Ag Min Ng Chee Meng COS speech, specifically on replacing the PSLE T-Score with wider scoring bands.

Rather than drilling down to the exact point in the T-Score, I thought the wider scoring band will help to ease some stress on parents like me. Then I thought, what’s next? What about Sec 1 posting? How do I decide which school to go to? While the new system will still be based on academic merit, the broader scoring band also meant that there will be more options available. It will be interesting to see how MOE will work with the schools to develop their niche programme so that parents can decide, other than academic results, how the school will better help their child to develop in the areas which they are interested in. 

Over the years since my eldest entered the formal education system, I’ve had people telling me how kiasu (afraid to lose out) I am. But up in mind, its probably to do my best to prepare my child but yet not over-stressing him. As a father, what I do these days is to keep checking with him whether he needs help. If he thinks he can cope, then I think we are ready to do without enrichment classes. I do agree that academic results may not be everything but probably as parents, we probably unknowingly put pressure on ourselves. You may want to read some of the articles which I blogged about relating to this.

This is a paradigm shift of the education system. I appalud the move but think that it will take awhile before parents of my generation embrace the new system and change our mindset.

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