Patrick Pang

Our Family Photo – 2014 Edition


The 2014 Family Photo was our 7th one and this year, we decided to engage the same photographer, Ryan, from Orange Studios since we were quite comfortable with him and the pictures that we took were quite good. But this year, we chose to go for an outdoor shoot as we did quite a number indoor shoot and decided that we need a change. The location, Botanic Gardens.

During the photoshoot, I decided to take some behind-the-scenes shots and document some of these processes. The children enjoyed the session and for Ethan, it has become one of his favourite outdoor activity. He was once asked in school what is his favourite family outdoor activity and he said, FAMILY PHOTOSHOOT.

The E's During The Photoshoot

We love the greens at the Botanic Gardens and the children were excited when they see the ducks and swans. It is important that while we document the growth of our children, we must document it in a fun way. One where the children enjoy themselves.

Our Family Photo - 2014 Edition


This is a family tradition that will continue on and on and on.

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