Patrick Pang

The Yellow Ribbon Run


These days, we’ve got so many run events in Singapore. Almost every month, on Twitter or on Facebook or somewhere on the Internet, I will get to know of a run event. Therefore, for me its time to be selective which run to participate in, its no longer about personal fitness but what we are running for. At certain run events, it has simply become too congested. There are simply too many people and some of these events have become rather commercial.

Earlier this year, I decided to participate in the Yellow Ribbon Run. Its actually the first time I’m taking part in this event and I feel that its running for a good cause. It was a run to support Prison’s Yellow Ribbon Project. The run route reflected the characteristics of the Yellow Ribbon Project and the difficulties which the ex-offenders face. The road ahead is never easy especially so when they may not be readily accepted by the society. They have to work hard to integrate, build trust and confidence with the people whom they meet with.

Yellow Ribbon Run

My next run will be the Singapore Airlines Charity Run on 2 November which is in support of the Community Chest.

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