Patrick Pang

Singapore Night Festival 2014


The Singapore Night Festival have been going on for a number of years but this is the first time I’m visiting it. This year’s theme is Bold and Beautiful.

One example is the Divine Tree. A bold idea which turns out to be a beautiful creation. The installation, Divine Trees, is a work by renowned French artist- photographer ClĂ©ment Briend. He overlays trees with haunting mirages of divine figures highly revered in Asian culture, creating the illusion of awakened deities towering over passers-by. These images had the 3D effect which I always think that the tree were trimmed just for the installation. But like one of my friend mentioned, “Do you think NParks will allow them to trim the trees for this purpose?” I checked with the NHB representative and was told that the trees were not trimmed but in fact, the artist had tried many times before achieving what it is. There are 8 of them so if you are at the National Museum and vicinity, go find them.

Divine TreeNext was the Stop and Smell The Flowers. This is a light installation that aims to remind the audience of the importance of slowing down to appreciate the small things in life. Deliberately positioned in the centre of a walkway, against human traffic, the installation disrupts the hurried pace of passersby. You can find this installation outside SMU. Did you see what I see?

Stop and Smell The FlowersLast but not least, you definitely should not miss out on the Singapore Pro Wrestlers. They will be appearing on 29 and 30 August at 10.15pm and 11.15pm along Armenian Street. In case you are wondering, yes, the roads are closed for the wrestlers.

With the Singapore Pro Wrestlers

Tempted to visit the Singapore Night Festival now? There is more than what I’ve recommended here. So visit the website for more details.

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