Patrick Pang

Preparing for Primary 1


Its March and in about 9 months, Ethan will enter the next phase of his life, entering into the formal education system. Right now, we are busy doing research on what life will be like for a Primary 1 and doing whatever we can to prepare him.

Life in Primary 1 in the 21st century is so different from ours in the late 80s and early 90s. There are higher expectations and sometimes I wonder who has set such high expectations, the school or the parents? I got to admit that although Ethan will be the one who will be schooling, but I’m sure that I’m feeling so much more stressful than him.

In order to prepare him for Primary 1, we started sending him for enrichment classes. Last year he started with Reading for Success Programme and completed the programme after a year. Today, he attended P1 Prep for English and we also introduced Chinese enrichment to him. As a parent, how much enrichment is enough?

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