Patrick Pang

Mid-Autumn Festival


Ethan is 3 years old and for the first time, he finally gets to understand what is lantern festival all about, its about eating mooncakes and walking around in the estate with his lantern. Earlier in the day, we went to Marine Parade for prayer session. It was rather quiet this time round cause not many people came.

After that, I brought Ethan with me to my boss’s baby one month old celebration. He was rather quiet, didn’t want to talk much to people (trying to act shy). I realise that after he left the place, he started to become talkative again, hmm, I wonder what do I have to do to make him talk more.

In the evening, I brought him to Punggol for the Mid-Autumn Festival celebration. He was pretty excited at first and was so looking forward to see the Jade Rabbit and Chang Er. But when the Jade Rabbit appeared, he became so scared. I even brought him up close and personal with the Jade Rabbit, but he told me, “Daddy, can we go back. I’m scared!” He was so scared that he didn’t even join in the procession. I’m glad that on the whole, Ethan enjoyed the night especially carrying the lantern and walking about.

Ethan and Me Ethan playing with the lantern

You can view the full set of pictures at my Facebook.

If Jingyi is available, I’ll defintely bring him to the next event, a Halloween party at Punggol.

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