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Strike A Pose


Being the youngest probably has its merit. Evan is probably the cheekiest among the 3 and loves taking photos. Brought the children to East Coast Park one day. We sat down and immediately thought about taking a picture together. Unfortunately, Ethan and Ezanne were not interested so they became the photographer.

We co-ordinated abit and here you go, a photo of Evan and me.

Strike a pose


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Windows of Opportunity


Each day, life will send you little windows of opportunity. Your destiny will ultimately be defined by how you respond to these windows of opportunity.” Robin Sharma

You have two windows of opportunity and if you can only choose one, which one will you open? This is something which we always have to think about and contemplate in life. Do you agree that we are greedy and would always want the best and to be able to have both instead of just one?

Its always a gamble and ultimately which one you choose will determine the road ahead.
Window of Opportunity

Play at Amazonia Singapore


During the June holidays, the children had the chance to spend some time at Amazonia Singapore, an indoor playground at Great World City.

The children enjoying themselves at Amazonia Singapore
Ethan is 11 this year and in my opinion, he will probably have to give such indoor playground a miss given his height and maturity. Thankfully, the obstacles at Amazonia is spacious enough for him to play comfortably with his siblings. I also took a chance to sneak in and play with the children for awhile.

Playing the slide

Other than the obstacles, the children also had a chance to play 3D golf putters and Space Balls. The 3D golf putters was a thematic golf game where the children need to go through the different a “9 hole golf course”. As for Space Balls, they would have to aim and shoot the target board. However, do note that there are extra charges for these games. Personally, I think its worth paying for it.

3D Golf Putters


For children below the age of 3, there is also a corner designated for them. If you are still thinking where to go over the weekend, you may want to bring your child to explore Amazonia Singapore. It is located at  Kim Seng Promenade, #03-08 Great World City Mall.

Republic of Singapore Navy 50th Anniversary


As part of the Republic of Singapore Navy’s (RSN) 50th Anniversary celebration, a four-book compendium collectively titled “Ahoy, Navy!” was published to give children aged four to eight years old an insight to life in the RSN and the Navy’s role in keeping Singapore’s waters safe. Ezanne and Evan attended a story telling session by a Navy officer on 17 June at SAFRA Toa Payoh. It was an engaging session as the navy officer was able to share his personal experience as he tells the story of young Emily and her father who goes out to sea on board a Navy frigate.

Story Telling


After the story telling session, Ezanne also participated in the rope-tying workshop. It takes quite a bit of patience to complete the project and Evan wasn’t too interested in this. Ezanne, under the guidance of a navy officer, managed to complete tying one and kept it as a souvenir for herself.

Rope-Tying Workshop


One of the highlight of the event was the ‘Draw Your Dream Navy Ship’ competition that encourages the public to imagine the Navy of the future.

Ezanne with her dream navy ship




Both Ezanne and Evan drew their dream navy ship and also took some time to colour the RSN50 Doodle Wall. The doodle wall will be on display at Vivo City in November 2017 from 9 to 12 November 2017. In addition to the doodle wall, you will also have the opportunity to get up close and personal with RSN shops, weapons and equipments.

One night at Shilin Night Market


It was drizzling when we first arrived in Taipei and it lasted through the night. We visited Shilin Night Market not knowing what to expect.

Walking along the streets and we decided to go to Shilin Night Market Food Court. In Singapore context, it’s like our food center with many different stalls. Most of the stalls sells seafood and what stood out was the fermented toufu (also known as Chou Do Fu). These toufu are not really that smelly, in fact, you will probably get the fermented smell when it’s in your mouth. Honestly, this was one of my favourite food in Taipei.

As you walk along the streets, there are many street food but the highlight would definitely be the deep fried milk. It’s crunchy on the outside but soft in the inside and it melts in your mouth. Be careful when you eat it because it’s hot. The stall is located along the main road so it shouldn’t be too difficult to find it.

Scooting Around


After many many requests, I’ve decided to buy  Ethan, Ezanne and Evan each a scooter. As easy as it may seem, its actually quite challenging to scoot as the children had to try to balance themselves while moving around.

Ethan, Ezanne and Evan with their scooter


It is pretty obvious that the children are enjoying themselves as they have made repeated requests week after week for scooting session. They are also very willing to do anything just to scoot. For example, Evan was able to wake himself up early on a Saturday morning just to get me to bring him to scoot.

Evan with his scooter


As a father, I think its heartening to see our children being able to learn fast, to be able to balance and scoot on their own.

Leng Leng Ice Cream


At a quiet corner in Eunos, you will find a nice corner to chill and enjoy ice-cream. Visited Leng Leng Ice Cream on a rainy Saturday afternoon. Despite the cold weather, the warm hospitality definitely helped. I ordered the Sugee Waffle with Thai Ice Tea ice cream. The Sugee Waffle batter are homemade and Auntie Leng even came to us and asked whether we like it. Told her the waffle was alittle too thick and hard and she said she will fine tune it.

The ice cream was good as it wasn’t too sweet, suitable for people like me who doesn’t like sweet stuff.

Leng Leng Ice Cream


The waffles also come with some childhood favourite like chocolate roll etc. Leng Leng Ice Cream is located at 116 Changi Road #01-11, Singapore 419718. Do check them out.

Wall Murals at HDB flats


I remembered when I was young, the void decks of the HDB flats were filled with interesting wall murals. For awhile, they were gone and over the last few years, it seems, they were back once again. Whenever I see an interesting wall mural, I would stop and take a photo with it. After all, these beautiful wall murals are worth giving a shoutout and get more people to appreciate it.

Some of these wall murals brings back memories such as the Sharity Elephant and Singa which I saw. While the others, add colours to our neighbourhood and make it a more interesting one to live in.

Wall Mural

Like the one below had the places of interest of the different countries painted and had captions below to explain. What is more important is that people appreciate it and take good care of it (hopefully, no one vandalises them).

Wall Mural


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Tsum Tsum at Capitland Malls


Earlier this month, I attended the launch of Tsum Tsum (pronounced as “soom soom”) carnival at Plaza Singapura. The month long carnival will end on 2 April 2017 and will take place at various Capitaland Malls such as Bedok Mall, Tampines Mall, Bugis Plus, Bugis Junction and Raffles City.

Tsum Tsum at Capitaland Malls

The first Tsum Tsum roving parade also took place on the launch day where six two-meter-tall giant Tsum Tsum inflatables marched from Bugis Junction to Plaza Singapura. You can watch inflatables arriving at Plaza Singapura here -> Tsum Tsum Roving Parade

There are currently many activities organised at the different Capitaland malls. For the full list of Tsum-sational adventure, please visit Capitaland Mall website.

Mission 2017


On 1 January, I started running and was thinking to myself, “Should I set a goal for myself this year?” Then I just randomly posted on my Instagram that perhaps I should try to attempt 2017km in 2017. Some of my friends then said that I should set it as my goal and soon it became a reality.

Almost 2 months on, I’ve ran more than 270km. I’ve tried running at different places to keep me going. I’ve been running at East Coast, Bedok Reservoir, Marina Bay and Macritchie. If you know of any other interesting places, do leave a comment.

With 10 months left, I’m not sure if I will hit 2017km but at least I know I’ve tried.

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