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Climbing – An activity to rediscover our kids


The children scream and shout and plays around at the playground. But when it comes to the real thing, climbing really high up, we realised that they were actually afraid of heights and did not have the confidence to do it.

We brought Ethan, Ezanne and Evan to Climb Central at Kallang Wave and all of them pretty much looked forward to it. They went through the briefing, put on the harness and was ready to rock and roll. They were quite interested and was figuring out how to climb up.

Ethan, Ezanne and Evan climbing up


After a few steps up, Evan said, “Ah, I don’t have any strength to do it anymore.” Then Ezanne didn’t even dare to go up any further probably after 5 steps up. We were quite surprised with Ezanne’s reaction given that she has quite a strong character and we thought she would be quite confident in doing anything and everything. Her reaction when she looked down, “Cannot, I say cannot!” As for Ethan, he didn’t want to move up any further because he was contented with where he was. We had to keep pushing him before he decides to climb even higher.

Its quite interesting how we manage to re-discover our children once again through an activity.

Evan’s favourite is “Taylor Swift”


Was supervising Evan doing his assessment book and was checking the answers after that. Despite having helping words at the top of the page, he decided that “Taylor” instead of “Tailor” should sew the clothes. I asked him why he wrote “Taylor” and he just smiled.

I think we should not play too much Taylor Swift’s songs.

It's "Taylor"

What to eat in Hong Kong?


I’ve visited Hong Kong on a few occasions and have blogged about a number of food places. Here’s a list of places which I’ve compiled.  Some  of them date back to 2011 but they are still around as of my last visit.

Dim Sum

Breakfast at Lin Heung – Our first visit in 2011 was quite memorable and decided to go again when I brought my parents along in 2014. The standard of the food seemed to have dropped. Lin Heung Tea House is located at 160-164 Wellington Street, Central, Hong Kong and their contact number is 852-2544-4556. If you are traveling by train, alight at Sheung Wan MTR Station Exit A2.

The Push Cart Aunty


Mido Café – First got to know about this place in 2011 and went back again in 2015. I like the ambience of the place and favourite has always been the baked rice. There have been mixed reviews but I feel its worth visiting. Mido Cafe is located at 63, Yau Ma Tee, Temple Street.

Baked Rice

Yee Shun Milk Company – My cousin recommended Yee Shun Milk Company to me and told me that its a must to try their steam milk. If you have tried Australia Dairy Co., you may find that it doesn’t taste as good.  But I think its always good to have more options and should give it a try. They have a few outlets and are located at;
Mong Kok – 246-248 Sai Yeung Choi St S
Jordan – 63 Pilkem St
Causeway Bay – 506 Lockhart Rd

Steam Milk

Australia Dairy Co. – During my visit in 2015, I remembered going on 3 consecutive nights  to eat the Almond Steam Egg Custard and I didn’t get tired of it. It was tasty but not too sweet and was really different from the ones served at Yee Shun Milk Company. It is located at 47 Parkes St, Hong Kong.

Almond Steam Egg Custard

Hokkaido Dairy Farm – If you are looking for breakfast which cost below HK$50, then you should consider Hokkaido Dairy Farm. It is locate at Shop A-B, G/F, 211 Johnston Road, Wan Chai.

Peanut Butter Toast

Hello Kitty Secret Garden Café – Looking for a themed café in Hong Kong? You will probably want to visit it because its a Hello Kitty Café, but if you are not a fan, then perhaps you want to give it a miss. The food is acceptable but nothing much to shout about. The café is located at 19 Ormsby St, Tai Hang, Hong Kong and is about 10 mins walk away from Prince Edward MTR on Hong Kong Island.

Hello Kitty Secret Garden Cafe

Lan Fong Yuen – They are only opened at 10am but the wait is definitely worth it as they serve one of the best milk tea and pork chop bun.

Lan Fong Yuen


Mak’s Noodle – While Mak’s Noodle is now in Singapore, just like Tim Ho Wan but the food will definitely taste better from where it all begin. There is no char siew but just wantons! The noodles are springy and you will want a second serving after finishing your first bowl. Mak’s Noodle is located at 77 Wellington Road.

Wanton Noodle

Kim Keat Hokkien Mee


We always have a problem on Saturdays… What do we eat for dinner? So usually, I will look at my Facebook, Instagram or even google to get some ideas for dinner. We have tried quite a number of Hokkien Mee and this was something quite different for us – it was served in claypot.

Surprisingly on the day of our visit, there wasn’t a long queue but general observation is that most of the people visiting the coffeeshop were ordering the Hokkien Mee. We waited for about 15 minutes before the food was served. There were squids, prawns, clams and its generally watery (some may not like it). There were 7 of us and all of us had our fair share of the prawns, clams and squids.

The children enjoyed so much that we ordered another claypot Hokkien mee. The two claypots were ordered at different timings and all of us felt that both tasted quite differently. The first one was tasty (or maybe we were hungry) and the second one was less than satisfying.

Kim Keat Hokkien Mee

Nevertheless, our conclusion that this is a place still worth visiting. If you are interested, it is located at Blk 94 Toa Payoh Lorong 4 #01-264.

Hello Kitty Orchid Garden Cafe at Terminal 3


We queued for about 2 hours before entering the restaurant. The children were somehow excited and when we looked at the menu, the first thing that came to our mind was “How should we go about ordering it?” It’s not about what food to eat, but how do we put it across our order. For example, we had nachos, fries, sandwiches and spaghetti and if you were to order based on the menu, it would be the following;

a. Nachos – Hola Nachos
b. Fries – Oops Kitty Did It Again!
c. Sandwiches – Let’s Do The Salsa
d. Spaghetti – Land of the Rising Kitty

On the presentation of the food, I wouldn’t say that they were perfect but the children were quite excited with what they see. As for the adults, we were alittle disappointed. The food isn’t that fantastic but its still acceptable.

Evan with his hot chocolate

Ezanne with the Nachos

Other than food, there are 2 spots within the restaurant for diners to take pictures.

Group photo

In conclusion, its not worth the visit if you are going for food but if you want to explore, then you may want to fill up your stomach before going.

Hello Kitty Orchid Garden Café is located at Terminal 3, Singapore Changi Airport, Arrival Meeting Hall Central #01-22 and its opened 24 hours.

The Art & Science of Gems


Last week, we were invited to a blogger event at Art Science Museum, The Art & Science of Gems. In this exhibition, the adult will have the opportunity to admire the jewellery and the children will learn about the formation of minerals and gemstones.

We were lucky enough to catch the “A Day in the Life of a Mineralogist” workshop. At the workshop, the children were told how gem stones were formed and the different characteristics of the gem stones. They were able to feel and hold the different gem stones too.

Ezanne holding on to a gem stone


Evan was actually the most enthusiastic one. He readily raised his hand when the coordinator asked for a volunteer to examine the mineral and its properties. I’m not sure if he understood what was going on but I think it was a good experience for him. I got applaud the coordinator for being so patient with Evan and trying her best to simplify the explanations so that a 6-year-old understand what she was saying.

Evan exploring the mineral and its properties


There is one more session of the workshop and its happening on 24 June at 4.30pm. You will have to register 15 minutes before the workshop begins.

If you missed the workshop, you can still visit the exhibition which is held at the Art Science Museum till 14 August. You can also find out more information of the exhibition at its website.

Will You Allow Your Child To Fail?


Last week, I blogged about a paradigm shift to the education system. I’ve spoke to many parents, exchange my views and try to learn from them how they strike a balance for their children. But whatever that I’m doing, I’ve always asked myself, “Will I allow my children to fail?”

I had this conversation with my wife before and we had dilemmas. First, we wanted to try to stop reminding them to do their work and revision. We feel that they should start to work out a timetable for themselves and decide what they want to do and how they want to do. Then, we asked ourselves, at such young age, are they able to plan for themselves? So we just went on to plan for them.

Second, we went on and focus on their academic results. We thought to ourselves, “Maybe we should just let them fail a subject?” Then we became worried and not sure if it will affect their morale. Its double edge sword, they will either work harder to improve their results or they may just become worse.

As parents, we want the best for our children. But what’s exactly good for them? Allowing them to fail and pick up from the pieces? What if they doesn’t learn from their lessons? What’s next? Many questions are up on my mind.

Will you allow your child to fail? Leave a comment and let me know your views.

Weekly Marketing… For the Kids


Every week, if I will try to accompany to my parents to the market. I’m glad that Evan also comes along with us. With the convenience of supermarket and the wide variety of items which they are selling, you don’t really need to visit the wet market anymore. What I actually missed seeing at the wet market in the good old days were the live chickens, well, these days they are all frozen.

The items sold at the wet market are relatively cheaper than the supermarket and its nice to see everyone, who seem to know one another, saying hi and sharing some useful tips. For example, while we were at the fruits stall, the owner shared with us how he advised his customer to take mango she recovered after taking them.

At the market


We probably wouldn’t see such interesting stories and encounters at the supermarket, its pretty much one way communication (if there is any to start with). Stall by stall, item by item, slowly but surely, we fill our trolley with the food that we need for the week. While we go around, we teach our children on neighbourliness, the importance of communication and a culture which we should preserve.

Evan with a trolley of items


Folding Paper Boats


The children spent about 5 hours in school, 5 days a week. As much as my parents were curious of what I do and how I spend my day in school, I’m equally as interested to find out what my children are doing too. Once in awhile, they would tell me about some incidents they encounter, like how the friends misbehave and the jokes the teachers told them about. But on the other hand, they would also bring back what the friends taught them about, its about sharing.

I went home one day and saw many paper boats. I asked Ethan and he told me that Ezanne did it for him (it came with a boat ID too). All of them were quite excited about it and Evan also requested a few “boats” from his sister. I chatted with Ezanne and she said that her friend taught her how to do it. Ezanne was thoughtful enough to learn new skills and bring it back home to share it with her brothers. I’m looking forward to find out from them what they’ve learnt in school and to get them to teach us!

Follow the growing up year of Ethan, Ezanne and Evan at their Facebook page.

Folding Paper Boats

What is Passion? Will it keep you motivated?


I checked the dictionary, love aside, the other meaning for passion is “a strong or extravagant fondness, enthusiasm, or desire for anything”. Once, I spoke to a friend about what we want to achieve in life, my friend told me that as long as you’ve got the passion, its probably going to keep you going. If you’ve got the passion to do something, will you even think about the achievements that may or may not come?

Personally, I was puzzled. I’m puzzled because I’m not sure how long the flame of passion will be kept alive without any motivators. While I feel that you must enjoy and be happy about what you are doing (which is important), I would like to draw to the analogy of driving a car, the passion needs re-fueling from time to time. You may be passionate about something, work hard for it but faced with persistent challenges, will you give up without any motivators or will you continue to work on it?

Perhaps, someone can share with me what passion is all about and whether it will always help you to stay motivated.